Webster’s Week In Review 7th-13th July

Well this week has certainly been better than the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to be a bit more positive about things and try not to get too stressed out about the things I can’t change although I do still have regular wobbles, I’m just trying to concentrate on the things I can do.

We finally got our little car back from the garage after almost two weeks (ranty post may follow), until recently we had been carless for over a year and I hated each and every minute, you really don’t realise how much it can affect lots of aspects of your life when you don’t have one and we came to the conclusion that having a car is a must for our family.

Jake also had his first immunisations this week and he hasn’t suffered too badly with the after effects, he had a couple of grotty afternoons but is back to his usual happy little self now thankfully.

Anyway on with the photo’s of what we’ve been up to this week.

Daisy decided to paint Jake, who am I to interrupt her artistic tendencies !

Lots of 5am wake up calls this week, I suppose it means I get more done in the mornings so not all bad.

Daisy and I did some baking this week, I’ve really missed having the time to do these things with her so I’m happy we are finding the time again.

We’ve had plenty of smiles from Jake this week, it’s seems like each day he changes and does something new at the moment.

Daisy learned how to blow bubbles all by herself, although she still likes to have a little taste of them, yuk !

I’ve had a brilliant winning month so far and this just topped them all, a Fotnum & Mason Hamper and tickets to RHS Tatton Park, the champagne is chilling ready for when the mood takes me.

Yesterday we went to Daisy’s cousins 5th birthday party, I have no clue how the lady got Daisy to sit still to do this but she looks adorable.

I think the party wore this little man out, it was so lovely to go to a party altogether as a family.

Last night I may have indulged in one or two of these tasty luxuries from my hamper, can you believe they are £20 a box !

Hope you have had a good week, I’m looking forward to another great week next week.

Angela x


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