Webster’s Week In Wins 6th-12th January 2014

Hi Folks

A year ago today I decided to start sharing the prizes & freebies that arrived in the post each week, I have always kept a personal record but I wanted to show other people what was possible if you put in some time & effort.

I started a YouTube channel called WonderlandFreebies , at first I was nervous as I had never filmed myself before , my confidence grew each time I got a new subscriber or a comment & I have even appeared on camera, held giveaways & taken part in a box swap with another fellow you-tuber who I have become friends with.

Comping can be quite a solitary hobby if you let it, I have met in person lots of lovely people & I attend a monthly local comp meeting. Comping is a great way to make new friends, so why not take that first little step and see where it takes you.

I will stop waffling on now & show you what arrived this week.

I won a bundle of Christmas DVD’s from a blog giveaway back in November, blog giveaways are fun to take part in, don’t let rafflecopter put you off it’s so easy to enter.

Chris won some Cold Press Juices from the Magic Freebie Facebook page last month, I have never seen them before but the flavours sound nice.

I also got a pack of Fisherman Friends but I can’t remember where I saw the offer.

I also had an email to say I had won the ultimate ultra-sound experience, it’s a 4D scan at a private clinic in Liverpool, no doubt I will blog about it. This is such a fantastic prize for us as we have never been able to justify the cost before.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I always read & reply.

Angela x


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