Webster’s Week In Wins 9th-15th December 2013

Hi Folks

It’s been a bumper week here for freebies & prizes, I’m found my courage again to use coupons(more about that later) and have taken full advantage of O2’s generosity with their Priority Moments.

I will start by telling about some coupons for free products which are around at the moment, some are still available & I will include a link.
Alpro Almond Milk have a coupon for a free carton of their original milk, this is still available but be quick.
Nouvelle had coupons for a free pack of loo roll, sadly they have run out now.
Shaken Udder Milkshake have a coupon for a 3 pack of their cartons of milkshake redeemable at Sainsburys.
A bottle of Just Milk’s new Lactose free milk, these have all gone.

I had a problem at Sainsbury’s with the coupons, they told me they don’t accept printed coupons, a quick call revealed they actually do so it was resolved but very embarrassing non the less.

Above are all the goodies from O2 Priority Moments, Chris & I are both have O2 as our mobile phone providers so we can doubly redeem the goodies.

In the picture above you will see a Chalk Mug, this has come from Love Cravendale they are currently giving away some more mugs with quotes on, enter by the 20th December 2013. Also on their Facebook page they have a daily giveaway, even if you don’t win a prize you get a love heart point which you can use to enter prize draws.

Above are my Chocolate goodies from last week Marks & Spencer Pass The Parcel game on Facebook, what’s better than Free Chocolate !

My other goodies included a Rimmel Mascara, a sample of Special K porridge, a prize from the Stella Magazine promotion which I think should have been full size, a California Raisin goodie bag, a Child’s cinema ticket to see Disney’s new film Frozen and some scent samples from Burberry Brit which is still available.

Happy Freebie Hunting & Be Lucky x

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