A Tale Of Teething, Dribble & Drool

I’m writing today about something that’s driving me crazy, the very messy world of baby teething, dribble and drool.

I wrote a post when Jake was 10 weeks old about how I thought he might be starting to teeth because he had started dribbling a lot, well he is now coming up to six months and even thought no little pearly whites have appeared he continues to manufacture dribble and drool at an impressive rate.

Have you ever seen those cartoons where the baby has a huge mouth and it’s coming toward the screen ready to dribble on you, that is Jake at the moment, last week on a really bad drool day I changed his bib three time in fifteen minutes.

This is only half of the pile of bibs we have, I’m washing everyday to keep up with demand.

Nothing is safe from Jake’s gummy dribble chops, he’s constantly looking for something to chew on and saturate with his milky scented spittle.

No amount of teething implements will suffice, Jake likes nothing more that grabbing your face and trying to suck on it leaving you with awash with dribble, and you better watch your fingers he has gums of steel and isn’t afraid to use them !

Of course aside from all the joking it really isn’t nice to see him pulling his gums in pain, some day’s I curse that teeth were ever invented as the process of them coming up turn my happy little cherub into a grumpy grot’s, all I hope is that they cut very soon and give Jake and us some relief for a little while, and of course my washing machine a rest.

Are your little ones teething ? does baby dribble drive you crazy ? leave me a comment or a tip to help with teething would be fantastic.

Angela x

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