December At The Websters Monthly Round Up {2018}

December, did it really happen ? I swear this month has gone faster than all the others. I’m sure I say that every year, perhaps time seems shorter the older you get. This month has been full of celebrations, we’ve had a birthday, Christmas and a wedding. There hasn’t been much time for adventures this month, we haven’t really ventured far from home at all, instead taking lots of time to enjoy each others company indoors.

December is one of those months that gets overtaken with school activities, Christmas prep and poor health. We have all been suffering with seasonal coughs and colds that are finally catching up with us. I think January will be about rest and recuperation, who am I kidding there’s no such thing when you have little kids. All that aside though December has been a good month and I’m kind of sad to say goodbye to it.


There haven’t been many adventures in the run up to Christmas this year sadly. The kids went to visit Santa at a local grotto with school and we had a quick trip to Intu Trafford to have a look at the festive decorations but other than that we’ve been fairly quiet. December was a busy work month for Chris so he’s been shattered by the weekend, we’ve opted for staying home and relaxing instead of trying to squeeze lots of activities in.

The kids both had elves in their classrooms this year and were very excited to follow their mischievous adventures each morning. They have also enjoyed a ton of festive activities at school including Christmas craft club, Christmas shows, festive lunch and a sponsored Elf run in aid of St Rocco’s Hospice.


Daisy turned 7 in December, I’m really not sure how that’s happened so quickly. She got lots of lovely presents and we enjoyed a quiet celebration at home with her favourite food and of course cake.

We had reason to celebrate on Christmas Eve too when Daisy lost her first tooth ! She was very excited that Santa and the tooth fairy would be visiting our house on the same night.

Christmas was a little different for us this year but still lovely non the less. We went to Chris’s dad’s house for dinner, it was the first Christmas since his mum passed in April so we thought it would be nice to spend the day together. We are not usually social creatures on Christmas day so it made a nice change.

The kids of course loved Christmas, especially spending time with family on both Christmas day and boxing day. We also had a wedding to attend which was absolutely lovely too.


My own reading has been dreadful this month, I’m still wading through Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend and although I’m enjoying the story I just can’t seem to get into it properly. I read I Am I Am I Am: Seventeen Brushes With Death by Maggie O’Farrell which was definitely interesting. The next book I attempted to read was I Stop Somewhere by T.E Carter but I’ve stopped half way and put it back on my shelf for now. It’s a very dark read and I think you need to be in the right frame of mind to read it, I will no doubt return to it next year.

I think I’m in a bit of a reading funk at the moment, I got so many books for my birthday last month that I’m having trouble deciding what to read next.

We are all still enjoying reading The Christmasaurus together before bed each night. There’s just a few more chapters to go, we will be so sad when it’s over. I was delighted to hear the news that the sequel will be out next October, that’s our Christmas 2019 reading sorted already.

Daisy got some Unicorn Academy books for her birthday so they have been keeping her busy. She also got one of favourite books as a gift from school for Christmas, The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy.


Years behind everyone else I watched the whole of Prime Suspect on Netflix from the beginning, it kept me interested although it’s definitely dated. Keeping with the theme of cop shows I also re-watched The Killing on Prime Video, it’s an absolutely brilliant detective show but very dark.

We went to the cinema to see Ralph Breaks The Internet which was fantastic, Disney keep knocking it out the park with the films lately. Of course we have watched a million Christmas movies too, The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix is a new favourite.


Daisy got a Pop Princess CD for her birthday so we’ve been listening to that on repeat. I’ve also had the radio on a lot this month so we’ve heard lots of Christmas songs both old and new.

We also had the pleasure of listening to Chris’s niece say her vows in church on her wedding day. We are not religious in any way but the service and the atmosphere was just beautiful.

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  1. December 31st 2018 / 1:52 PM

    sounds like a packed month even without weekend adventures. Looking forward to a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

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