Jake’s First Birthday

Yesterday was Jake’s first birthday, it’s surprising how quickly the year has gone by, children really don’t stay little for long, although when you have been up several times every night with a newborn you do wonder in your sleep deprived state if this will ever be the case.

We decided to have a quiet family day at home for Jake’s birthday, he opened his presents with the help of his Daddy and enjoyed playing with the balloons.



We decided not to go mad on present buying as he already has so much, he shares Daisy’s toys as well and I don’t want him to be overwhelmed.

We chose mega blocks for him as they are so chunky and are great for developing his fine motor skills as well as his imagination, he has had great fun trying to put the blocks together and has succeeded several times which makes him clap his little hands in delight.

We had a small family tea party, Jake wasn’t impressed with the finger food and preferred his usual dinner but of course he didn’t turn his birthday cake away !




I love this next stage of development, he will soon learn to walk and his understanding of everything around him will explode, I love watching my children learn and grow into the little versions of the people they will become.

Angela x


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