How To Make Baking And Cooking Fun For Kids

I have some wonderful memories from childhood of baking and cooking both at school and with my Grandad in his kitchen. I loved putting on an apron and mixing the flour and sugar in a huge bowl. I would stand on a chair and watch in awe as my Grandad rolled the pastry or beat the eggs. The smell of a pie or scones baking in the oven filling my nostrils and making my little tummy rumble. I knew when I had children that I wanted them to have this experience too.

Baking and cooking are such important life skills to learn. Starting them young can help to develop a healthy relationship with food, it can also encourage them to try new things that they have made themselves. Another huge bonus of cooking or baking together is that it’s a perfect way to bond and share an accomplishment.

I thought I would share with you some ideas of how to make cooking and baking fun for kids.

Keep It Simple

Each and every holidays the kids and I bake or cook something delicious. I’m no great baker so I keep it simple, the kids don’t mind as they love the process just as much as the tasty end products.

Let the kids choose from a list of simple bakes like banana bread, scones, jam tarts or biscuits. Simple meals like macaroni cheese or homemade pizza are easy for kids to help with too.


Science plays a major part when it comes to cooking so why not use it as an excuse to sneak in some learning. Get the kids to weigh and measure ingredients using cups or spoons. Talk about what happens when ingredients are mixed together. Experimenting with flavours and textures is so much fun.

You can also incorporate some maths too by getting the kids to count out how many cups of flour or sugar is needed.

Fun Treats

Let the kids choose something fun and delicious to make like chocolate, fudge or cake pops. We love this Bumble Bee Chocolate Lolly making kit and Make Your Own Chocolate House from

If you are pushed for time a simple digestive decorated with melted chocolate, flavoured icing, sprinkle and marshmallows make a tasty treat.

Get Messy

A big part of the fun for kids when it comes to cooking or baking is the mess it creates. Letting them bury their hands in the flour or rub butter on the baking tin is a fantastic sensory experience. Don’t worry about the mess just let them have fun.

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