Now You Are Nineteen

Nineteen years ago today, one day after my 20th birthday I gave birth to you a little dot of a thing weighing just 6lb 8oz. Today you tower way above your tiny mum. You are beautiful and so much stronger than you will ever know.

As my first baby, you taught me all I know about being a mum and also how to love another human being completely. You have brought me joy, happiness, frustration and sometimes pain but my love for you has never waned.11215815_10207188490605947_69473235775140028_nI’m so proud of the woman and mother you have become. I don’t always agree with your methods but know that despite our differences I will always support you. No matter what.12107739_10207188494286039_5405619008253392422_nThere have been some pretty tough times and some amazing moments. I hope I made enough good memories for you to outweigh the bad.

I really miss you being small but that I now have a friend as well as a daughter fills me with joy. You can make anything you want out of your life. I’ll be always be here cheering you along the way.12274410_10207188491085959_2044484759004177621_nHappy Birthday my beautiful girl, enjoy being nineteen.

I love you.

Mum x



  1. November 28th 2016 / 12:39 AM

    awww I hope she had a fab day!

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