This Week At The Webster’s – Daddy’s Home, Yet More Snot, Getting Fit & Nasty Kale

We had big plans for this week, the first full week that Chris would be off work since last May, maybe that was our downfall making plans, silly parents of little ones thinking we could be as organised as that !

Our week has mainly consisted of the children taking it in turns to see who could out-poorly the other with me and Daddy behaving like yo-yo’s running up and down the stairs at bedtime to see which little one needed a cuddle, some water or some medicine next.

A week spent playing musical beds, very late nights followed by ungodly early morning’s, trying to remember who had what dose of medicine at what time whilst wondering if we should ourselves down the bottle to fuzzy the edges of the endless cycle of wiping snot and ringing ear drums from the synchronised wailing.

We are all truly shattered and an unfruitful trips to the doctor’s on Friday left us with no option but to batten down the hatches and ride the storm of cold after cold and cough after cough, but this morning with Daisy showing no signs of improvement and actually getting worse Chris took her to the out of hours at the hospital where she’s been diagnosed with tonsillitis, no wonder she has been feeling so wretched.

I’m sure we will all survive to tell the tale but next winter we shall be seriously considering digging an underground shelter in the garden and living in isolation away from germs and nasty’s.

In my obvious state of delirium I decided this week would be the perfect time to start on my mission to be fit before 40, I bought lots of fruit and vegetables to blend into smoothies, borrowed a cross trainer and decided to give up all those sugary grots I love so much.

In my confused state I forgot to take a single photo of the said smoothie’s, would have loved to show you the green concoction I made, chilled, gagged on then poured down the drain, which only re-affirmed my hate for Kale, I’ve tried it, dealt with the after effects and realised that’s as far as my journey with that particular leaf goes !

I’ve started off slow with the cross trainer and might even add an exercise DVD in a couple of times a week once Daisy is back in nursery properly, I do enjoy exercise once I’m back into it but I find it way too easy to find an excuse to avoid it, but I’m determined to start feeling better and get put of this sluggish rut.

On a brighter note I cleaned the bathroom’s and mopped all the floors within 30 minutes, might seem like nothing to some people but being able to do something without having to stop a hundred times to rescue an escaped baby or to take part in an imaginary tea party with a toilet roll tube is a huge achievement to me.

Also Jacob’s ever changing crazy hair kept us amused, you never know what it will do next.

I will no doubt be back next week with more exciting tales but if I have to write the word snot in my title again I will definitely be writing under the influence of copious amounts of calpol and maybe some night nurse thrown in for good measure.



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