This Week At The Webster’s – Grumpy Kids, Crazy Weather, Water Fun and A Nice Surprise

Last week started off with rubbish weather and even more rubbish moods, Jake is teething again and he’s been really grumpy he’s also upped his level of finding things to touch that he shouldn’t be and Daisy has been an absolute terror both at home and at school.

The weather this week has been totally nuts, Monday was so cold and I was almost tempted to put the heating on, I dug out a big jumper instead, following that we have had a few beautiful days of sunshine and warmth that you would expect in June.

We made the most of the nice days by playing in the garden and when I couldn’t remember where I had put the paddling pool we improvised and had some water fun anyway.

We had a nice surprise yesterday, Chris’s work van went in for it’s MOT and failed so we have a courtesy car for the weekend, regular readers will know that we have been carless lately as it’s off the road while we save to fix it so we’re making the most of having a car this weekend, we went to a local beauty spot today and have plans to go swimming to tomorrow.

I will be back next week to let you know what we’ve been up to, hope you have all had a good week.

Angela x


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