This Week At The Webster’s – Sniffles, Snot & No Sleep

The above title sums up this last week perfectly, it’s been an absolute nightmare, Daisy brought a nasty cold home from pre-school, she was really poorly last weekend but by Monday she seemed a lot better apart from a snotty nose so she went to school as usual.

My Poorly little girl

On Monday evening after doing the washing up I started getting a headache, then within a couple of minutes the back of my throat and my nose started burning and I felt really stuffy, I had a terrible night trying to sleep but tossing and turning, limbs aching and sweating like mad.

Tuesday morning I felt horrid, Chris had to take a few days off work due to him being poorly too, the next two days we muddled along between us taking it in turns to have a nap, sleep at night time was elusive.

By Wednesday poor Jake was full of it too, coupled with teething he’s had a really rough time of it, he seems to sleep illness off unlike his sister who prefers to be awake when what she needs is rest.

Chris went back to work on Thursday so it was back to our normal routine, none of us felt any better but we had no choice but to get on with it.

I think it’s hit us harder than usual as we were only just getting over cold’s, cough and croup from Christmas.

Everyone I spoke to last week seemed to be suffering the same so there must be a particularly nasty strain of the cold virus doing the rounds.

Thankfully we are all starting to feel much better now, I can’t stand weeks like that where everyone is in a grotty mood and nothing get’s done, I’ve been so motivated since the beginning of January and it really felt like I had stalled but I mustered up some energy this weekend and got stuff done.

So onwards and upwards into a new week with less snot and plenty of sleep.

Angela x


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