Webster’s Week In Review 14th-20th October 2013

Hi Folks

I started off this week feeling truly horrible, constant nausea all day, extreme tiredness & generally feeling quite miserable. A trip to the hospital on Tuesday confirmed I have anemia so they have taken blood for some Iron studies, no wonder I was feeling so bad.

Towards the middle of the week I started to feel a tiny bit better so I gave myself a couple of jobs to do a day instead of trying to do them all at once, so I’m slowly starting to get organised again.

Here are some photo’s of what we have been up to this week at the Webster’s, sadly I didn’t get round to doing any Halloween activites but I have some plans for this week.

We collected some Conkers from the huge tree in front of my dad’s house, these are great for sensory play.

Daisy had her first experience of PlayDough this week, I found four tubs for £2 in the Entertainer, bargain !

We baked some Mini Muffins, Daisy thought bite-size meant she could shove it all in at once.

Daisy enjoying cuddles with our Cat Morgan, they are becoming fast friends.

I found this picture of me & my Auntie Shell while looking through some old photo’s at my Dad’s this week, I can’t believe how much Daisy looks like me.

So that’s about it for this week, hopefully have some Halloween themed photo’s to share next week with you. We are also planning to do some more Winter proofing to the house as that cold weather is surely on it’s way.

Do you have any exciting plans for Halloween ? Leave me a comment below if you like.

Angela x

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