Webster’s Week In Review

I doubted I was even going to do this post this week, it’s been a rubbish week, I’ve been poorly, too hot and not taken nearly enough photo’s.

Daisy has had a bit of a grotty week too with teething and being to warm to sleep, never the less I’ve made a commitment to myself to do this weekly post so onwards and upwards.


Daisy did some chalking on Monday, we were going to do it on the path outside but it was just too hot to spend any more than five minutes out there, so we stayed in the living room where it was nice and cool.

Tuesday and Wednesday were a write off for me, I wasn’t well, Daisy was grumpy so we just had a couple of lazy days and took it easy.

On Thursday I felt a little better so I got a few jobs done that got missed earlier in the week, Daisy had a little play in her paddling pool again as she loves splashing around and climbing in and out.

Here she is drying off afterwards, it’s thirsty work all that splashing around !

On Friday the tumble dryer and the grill broke at the same time, oh joy, luckily both can be fixed and on the bright side it’s forced me to hang the washing out (yes I’m lazy & love my dryer), so at least we are saving some money on the electric bill I suppose.

This weekend has mainly been about planning, I like to plan and at the moment I have lots of ideas in my head for money saving, money making and organising our home.

Daisy went swimming with her aunty while we got some shopping.

I’m going to make sure this week is super productive, I’m starting my workout’s again after a few weeks rest it’s going to be a killer but feel so good afterwards.

I’m also choosing a new bathroom tomorrow so that’s exciting.

Have a good week, whatever you are doing.

Angela xx

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