Webster’s Week In Review

It’s been another warm week here in the UK, although we had been promised rain and storms for this weekend, I love the sun but hate feeling too warm, I’m more of an Autumn/Winter person, the air feels much fresher and I seem to be more productive.

I had news of two fantastic wins in the early part of the week, read my post below if you want to find out more, nothing like a prize to get you going on a Monday morning.


I set my alarm and got up early on Monday for a workout, until a few weeks ago I was regularly exercising and then for one reason or another I fell off the healthy living wagon ( not hard when you are a chocoholic), I was really disappointed  with myself as I felt like I had undone all my hard work but onwards and upwards.


Daisy spends most of the week doing thing’s that make me laugh, this is no exception.

This week’s new words are Purple, No and Down.

This week I chose the tiles and colour for the new bathroom we are having fitted, it’s being fitted in August, I don’t usually go for light colours but wanted something fresh and bright.


Daisy had lots of fun playing with the washing basket, we sang ‘row your boat’ about a hundred times, who needs toys when you have tons of imagination.

This week we have been busy selling lots of things from around the house for spends for our upcoming holiday to Cornwall, I have also been looking at more money saving ideas, lots of big ideas and plans going on at the moment.

Chris has been working so hard, long hours and early starts, we miss him so much when he’s not here, so it’s good to have my comping, surveys and freebie hunting as well as playing with Daisy to keep me occupied.


This is what I have been having for lunch this week, I can’t get enough of hummus, all this food is from Aldi and it all taste’s delicious and cost a fraction of the bigger supermarket prices.


This weekend Daisy entered her first colouring competition, I’m so excited that she’s starting to enjoy drawing, painting and glueing I don’t think we are quite ready for glitter yet though.

That’s all for this week, sometimes time just flies and it feels like we have barely done anything, I’m going to try and get outdoors a lot more in August.

Have a good week

Angela xx


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