Webster’s Week In Wins 2nd-8th February 2015

Well it’s been an incredibly slow week here, nothing won for February yet, I’m wondering if it could be because I haven’t updated my wins note book with the header ‘February Wins 2015’ maybe it looks to the universe like I’m not expecting anything, must run and do that when I finish typing.

I haven’t had as much time this week to spend entering competitions or filling in surveys, the children are still under the weather and of course they need my attention first and foremost, I have put in a few hours of an evening so all is not lost.

These Yu Fruits blueberry’s arrived from a Twitter competition I won a couple of weeks ago on blue Monday, they were delicious, Daisy loved them too, they are made from 100% natural fruit and great as part of my new healthy snacking resolution.

One of the beanie hat’s that we won on the Magners blippar app competition arrived on Saturday, I’m not sure about the bobble on the top though !

There are lots of short life competitions appearing for Valentine’s day, twitter is a great way to search for these, lots are low entry because they require a little effort so always worth having a try.

If you are a comper I would love for you to leave me a comment and let me know how your winning year is going so far.

Be Lucky



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