How We’re Celebrating Easter 2016 On A Budget

I don’t know about you but I like to treat the little ones in our life to a few little gifts each this time of year, the bigger children prefer some spending money (no surprise there)  so for us it’s really important that we stick to a budget when celebrating Easter.

You could argue that to be really frugal we could buy them one Easter egg each, some are as cheap as £1 but as I’ve said in previous blog posts I love seasonal celebrations they make life fun and as long as I plan, save and budget for these occasions I’m more than happy to treat the children.

I’ve tried to stick to a £5 budget per child and I think I’ve done really well only going slightly over on one purchase, I can only share with you what we have bought for Daisy and Jake as I don’t want to spoil any surprises for anyone else as I know they like to read my posts.

For the past few years I’ve bought similar things for the little ones, a small Easter egg, a t-shirt, a book and some smaller Easter themed treats.

IMG_9205[1] IMG_9208[1]

The books were amazing value and cost me either 99p or £1 from Home Bargains and B&M Stores, Daisy love ‘Little Princess’ books, I once spent an hour going through every book in the children’s section at the library to find every Little Princess book they had so Daisy could borrow them so she’s going to be delighted.


The t-shirts were a bargain at £2 and £3 from Asda, I tried to choose something Spring themed for them both.

The bunny biscuits were 59p from Home Bargains, they also had chicks and Easter egg shapes and the Thorntons small chocolate bunny bars were on offer for four for £1 also at Home Bargains making them 25p each which I think is fantastic value.

FrugalMrW and I don’t really bother with buying Easter eggs for ourselves, we already eat way too much chocolate already.

One of the best things about Easter for us is the extended bank holiday weekend as FrugalMrW doesn’t have to go to work, this year we have a car and are planning a couple frugal days out to local parks and nature reserves, we also have a free family ticket to a National Trust property that I won last week so we are hoping to take advantage of that weather permitting.

At home we will be doing some Easter crafts, playing in the garden and watching some Easter themed movies so it’s going to be a fun packed weekend for us.

What are your plans for the weekend ? have you picked up any Easter bargains ? leave me a comment below I love hearing from you.

Angela xx




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2 thoughts on “How We’re Celebrating Easter 2016 On A Budget

  1. One way to save money is to just buy less eggs!

    As the years have gone on we get less and less of the sugar filled things and now we are at the point where we buy one egg each and that’s it!

    When I look back at my childhood I used to be inundated with the things!!!! lol

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