Family, Frugal & Home Goals For December 2017

November was such a busy month, it flew by in a whirlwind of work, celebrations and activities. I’m happy to report that we still managed to meet almost all of the goals we had set for ourselves. For December I’ve scaled our goals right back. I want to take some time off the blog over Christmas and enjoy as much family time as I can.

My diary is packed for the first two weeks of December, mostly due to the amount of things on at school. Once the kids finish school I’m planning to switch off and take a well-earned break.

Here are our family, frugal and home goals for December.


  • Go to Winter Wonderland in Manchester.
  • Watch the kids perform their Christmas plays.
  • Celebrate Daisy’s 6th birthday with a party.
  • Make a Winter bucket list.


  • Have a freezer cooking day to keep us on track with our meal plan.
  • Have at least five no-spend days.
  • Plan a budget for 2018.
  • Look for a 0% balance transfer so we can clear our credit card debt quicker.
  • Plug the smart meter back in so we can track our usage.


  • Decorate the house for Christmas.
  • Deep clean kitchen.
  • Plan a list of house jobs and repairs for 2018.
  • Have a post-Christmas declutter.


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