Goals For January {2018}

I’m currently working on my overall goals for 2018 but until then I’m sharing our family, frugal and home goals for January. December was a pretty good month for meeting our goals. I think there was just one thing we didn’t get around to doing.

Last year I enjoyed sharing our monthly goals with you, it’s really helped to keep me motivated and accountable. Why not start making yourself and your family some goals each month this year it really is fun.

Family, Frugal & Home Goals For January 


Family Goals For January

  • visit one new local park, walk or forest.
  • Watch a family movie every Saturday evening.
  • Teach Jake to recognise the numbers 1-5.

Frugal Goals

  • Meal plan from the freezers.
  • Make a list of low-cost meals we will all eat.
  • Search the free sites for furniture or household items we need.
  • Have 10 no-spend days.
  • Check survey sites every day.

Home Goals

  • Continue decluttering and organising each room.
  • Deep clean kitchen cupboards.
  • Paint the kid’s rooms.


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One thought on “Goals For January {2018}

  1. Good luck with these goals, Angela – a lovely January to you and your family.

    I definitely want to try and spend a portion of January in a ‘no spend zone’; in fact I want to try it for a given period each month. We’ll see how that goes! Also, weekend movie nights are great!

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