Five Frugal Things For February {2020}

February has been a great money-saving month so it’s been easy to come up with five frugal things to share with you. I’m really trying to focus on stretching our budget as much as I can as well as trying to increase our income slightly too. I’ve been watching lots of frugal YouTube videos for inspiration, there’s always so much much more to learn the ideas and possibilities are endless.

Five Frugal Things For February


Five Frugal Things

Food Waste

Something I try to do each and every month is to reduce our family’s food waste as much as possible it’s something I feel really passionate about. I recently found out about a local free community fridge where supermarkets and convenience stores from the local area donate the food that they would usually put in the bin. There’s nothing at all wrong with the food but due to sell-by dates, the stores aren’t allowed to sell it.

The aim of the community fridge is not only to help people who need food but also to reduce the massive amount of food waste sent to landfill. I’ve been to the fridge a few times to make use of the things on offer, we’ve had bread rolls to go with soup, fruit for the lunchboxes and eggs to make extra pancakes with. I’m definitely going to keep visiting as I think it’s such a good idea and I want to support it.


I’m pretty good at making sure our bills are as low as they can possibly be, I do audits regularly to ensure we are not overcharged for anything. As we have so many financial goals we want to achieve this year I decided to go through our bank account with a fine-tooth comb and be as ruthless as I could. I noticed a few subscriptions that I was holding on to for various reasons but not good enough reasons to keep paying the fees. It felt so good to cancel them and reduce our outgoings further I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.

Selling Stuff

I will admit I’m not a fan of the whole process of selling our unwanted things, I find it such a hassle with messages to buyers and people not turning up when they say they will. I’ve spent this month slowly decluttering the house and it’s seemed silly not to try and make a little extra money at the same time. I paced myself by just listing a couple of things at a time and it seems to have worked. I’ve not got a nice clutter-free house and some extra money to put towards our goals. I found Facebook Marketplace and Gum Tree the best sites to use.

Free Crafts

We haven’t ventured far from home this month at all, but a visit to the library turned into lots of unexpected fun. Our library often runs craft activities and other fun things like Lego club usually advertising on a local events page. I must have missed the notice about the free Harry Potter craft session but luckily it coincided with our visit much to the kid’s delight. They made a Harry Potter fortune teller which predicted which Hogwarts House you belonged in and a bookmark in the style of the house ties.

Free Pancakes

The best thing about following lots of fellow frugal and money-saving bloggers on Instagram is that they often share some great free offers and bargains. This week I spotted a deal for free pancake mix up to the value of £1 from Top Cashback, I usually make my own batter but I’m not going to turn down a free packet. The cashback went straight into my account and the kids got to enjoy pancakes for free.

I’ve also started making use of Shopmium again, although I’ve missed out on some free items I did manage to get money off a lot of things I would have bought anyway which is a bonus. They also had a special offer to get some extra credit when you claimed cashback on two products so I took advantage of that too.

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