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Sometimes it’s really hard to think of a word that sums up the whole week, especially when nothing much has happened. It’s been a really quiet week so I’ve gone with the word watching as that’s what I’ve spent the most time doing. I had big plans to gets lots done and be really productive this month but the first week has been a flop. I’m still not feeling 100% well so instead of fighting it I’ve just decided to give in, sit on my bum and enjoy watching some TV shows.

Catching Up

I never watch live TV so I often miss lots of the new shows that are on, I’ve spent some time this week watching and catching up. Channel 4 has some great box sets available if you don’t mind the adverts, I’ve been watching Misfits which I can’t believe I’ve never seen before. I’ve also watched all of Deadwater Fell with David Tennent which was really good and I recommend it if you like crime thrillers.


I’ve been eagerly watching out for the first signs of Spring while walking the kids to and from school but have yet to spot anything. There are usually the first buds appearing on the blossom trees by now and the odd daffodil or two poking through. Maybe I’m just looking in the wrong places as I have seen lots of people posting photos of Snowdrops, daffs, and blossom on Instagram this week.

One thing I have noticed and have enjoyed watching is the earlier sunrise this past week. The mornings are finally getting lighter as is the evenings, there have been some amazing pinks, purples, and oranges to enjoy in the sky.


Last weekend we looked after our little niece and nephew while their parents went for a nice meal together. It’s always a pleasure watching the kids play together with their cousins, Daisy is a fair bit older than them but she’s so nurturing and it’s lovely seeing that side of her coming out.

In Other News

I got a very welcome text this week from the diabetic nurse, my tests have come back negative for type 1 diabetes which is great news. I’ve still got a lot of work to do on managing my blood sugars and I’m hoping that by the time my yearly review is due they are a lot lower.



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3 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Watching

  1. Good on you for having lazy week. Sometimes we need to just sit on our bums.
    Deadwater Fell is on my list of things to watch, eventually.
    I have noticed things starting to grow in my garden. Spring does seem to be coming slowly. x

  2. Good news on your diabetes results x I want to watch Deadwater Fell, I love David Tennant (I met him once!) I really should get around to it but I’m totally addicted to The Good Place at the moment. x

  3. Good news on your results. I bet it had been hanging over you. I think we all need quiet weeks and catching up is no bad thing. We have snowdrops out, but not daffodils. Celandines are just starting too, on the warmer side of our lane. Hope you have a good week. #wotw

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