Five Frugal Things For May {2018}

I’m back on track with all things frugal this month. Despite us having a few extra and unexpected costs in May we’ve still been able to make some savings.

Here are my five frugal things for May.


  • We are off on holiday next month and thanks to storing away last years summer clothes we haven’t need to buy much new stuff at all. The kids shorts and swimwear still fits nicely and Chris and I stocked up last years on essentials so we don’t need anything new either. I saved 30% off the actual holiday using an early bird discount by booking a year in advance too.


  • I’ve been taking full advantage of freebies this month. Grocery freebies from the cashback apps have been a welcome treat. I’ve also had a few nice freebies through the post including a book I won. I know its way too early to mention the festive season but I’ve also managed to squirrel away a couple of presents that I got for free thanks to some competition wins.

  • I had a free night out at the cinema after I found tickets on a preview screening website. The film was good and it was so nice to be able to enjoy a night out totally free. I love going to the cinema but the tickets are usually so expensive. As the film was a preview screening there were no annoying adverts and trailers to sit through which was fantastic. I also picked up some free movie posters and seed paper for the kids for free too.


  • I took advantage of some free subscription trials this month taking care to write down the renewal dates so I could cancel in time. We have enjoyed free movies, audio books, and premium music. I’m going to look for some more free trials next month too.


  • To feed my hunger for new books I scoured the charity shop for some bargains. I had forgotten how much I enjoy browsing the local charity shops, I can indulge in some retail therapy guilt free. We have also been making regular visits to our local library to stock up on bedtime stories, free bookmarks and activity sheets for the kids.

What frugal things have you done this month? Leave me a comment below as I would love to know.

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