Word Of The Week -Chaotic

There is no other word to describe this past week than chaotic. We are having some exterior work doing, it’s dragged on for longer than it should have and it’s thrown everything into chaos. There’s dust, damage and mess and the kids haven’t been able to use the garden so you can imagine how chaotic it is here at the moment.

Although I knew the work was necessary I never imagined the level of disruption it would cause. The work is wrapping up today and the scaffolding should be down by next Tuesday. On top of huge list of things I need to do before we go on holiday I now need to sort out the mess as well.

This weekend will be spent tackling brick-dust, a trampled garden and trying to keep two already stir crazy kids occupied. Wish me luck and think of me while you enjoy your barbecues won’t you.

I’m aware that this weeks post is ranty, if I had written it earlier in the week it would have been a full-blown mega rant but I’ve had time to calm down.

Hopefully next weeks post will be much lighter and happier.

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4 thoughts on “Word Of The Week -Chaotic

  1. It does sound very chaotic. I hate it when work is being done around my house. I hope you managed to get the mess cleared up before your holiday.
    Ahh! We all need to rant sometimes. I know I do. lol

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