Five Frugal Things For October {2017}

At last a month where time doesn’t seem to have flown by. I love October, autumn seems to really kick off and nature looks so beautiful. It’s also the start of a really expensive season too. We love to celebrate Halloween and Bonfire night meaning that room is needed in our budget. October has been a good month. Despite the extra expenses we have still managed to save money.

Here are my five frugal things for October.

  • Instead of buying lots of new decorations for Halloween I checked what we already had first. I have stuck to a budget of £20 which includes the kids costumes, sweets and a few new decorations. It’s so tempting to overspend this time of year so I’ve been really strict with myself. I will pick up some things in the sale after Halloween too to save even more money next year.


  • I’ve started meal prepping for the week on a Sunday afternoon again. I find we save so much money this way as nothing goes to waste. As well as saving money prepping saves me time too which is a huge bonus.


  • As much as I love being organised and buying gifts early for Christmas I often forget exactly what I’ve bought. This leads to overspending, so I’ve taken the time this year to create some spreadsheets. I can already see that I only have a handful of gifts left to buy and exactly what budget I have left.


  • We had an unexpected windfall this month so I’ve paid a huge chunk off the credit card debt. My biggest resolution for next year is to clear this debt totally so we’ve had a great head start.


  • The heating has stayed firmly off this month. A lot of that is down to the fact that we’ve had unusually high temperatures for October. Nobody has gone cold and we’ve saved money which makes me very happy indeed.

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