Learning At Home With Education Quizzes {Review}

I’m a huge believer in education not just being confined to the classroom. I’m always looking for ways to help my kids learn at home too. I was recently given the opportunity to try out a great website that would help with our KS1 learning journey. Education Quizzes is a website jam-packed with quizzes designed to be educational as well as fun. They aim to make study of the curriculums easy and enjoyable with suites of KS1, KS2, 11 Plus, KS3 and GCSE quizzes.

The quizzes are all designed by experienced teachers to help all children be successful at school. I think these quizzes would also work really well alongside private tuition too.

Daisy is always eager to learn more so  knew she would love the quizzes on this website. She is currently in year 1 and studying KS1. We chose some Shapes and Maths quizzes for her to try, these are areas that she was given targets in last term. I was really impressed to learn that the quizzes follow the same plan that schools use in these key subject areas.

Daisy really enjoyed the quizzes she completed, I also really enjoyed sitting and learning with her too. I often find myself quite rusty in some areas so the quizzes are a great help for me too. Daisy finds learning on a computer much more fun than just filling out a worksheet.

One of my favourite things about the quizzes is that they explain the reason if you get a question incorrect. It also explains why an answer is correct too which is really helpful.

There is also a fantastic blog on the website called Nature Matters which is packed full of information and facts about nature and the living world.

A monthly subscription is available at £9.95 (this can be cancelled at any time). I think this is fantastic value considering the quantity and range of quizzes that are available. It’s a very valuable learning tool.

Education Quizzes also offer a subscription package for schools. Schools can subscribe on behalf of the students at a greatly reduced cost. Dependent upon the number of students in the school, it is possible for them to sign up each student for as little as £2 per year.

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