Family, Frugal & Home Goals For September {2019}

It’s been three months since I last wrote a monthly goals list on the blog, I really didn’t think it had been that long. I think it’s time to get back on track with our goals, there are just four months of this year left and I still have lots of things I want to do.

Since we came back from our holiday in June I’ve found it really hard to stay motivated. I decided to take most of the summer holidays off working on the blog and I think it’s done me the world of good. I always see September as the perfect time for a fresh start so I’m going to use this month to make some changes I’ve been putting off and use it as an opportunity to get firmly back on track.

Here are our family, frugal and home goals for September 2019.

Family Goals

  • Celebrate our grandson’s 5th birthday
  • Visit two National Trust properties (make better use of our membership)
  • Use our free cinema tickets to watch a movie together
  • Go to Knowsley Safari Park (using the family ticket I won in a competition)
  • Make an Autumn bucket list
  • Cook or bake together once a week
  • Visit a museum

Frugal Goals

  • Meal plan and prep every Sunday
  • Check Freegle, Freecycle, and Olio daily
  • Keep line drying instead of using the tumble dryer (weather permitting)
  • Check online earning survey sites and apps every day
  • Enter competitions for Christmas presents
  • Put £70 into Christmas savings
  • Look for five new earning opportunities
  • Reduce food waste by freezing all leftovers

Home Goals

  • Declutter bedrooms and paperwork
  • Pack away summer clothes
  • Clear weeds and dead plants from the gardens
  • Deep clean the kitchen (including oven)
  • Clean window sills, freshen curtains and make sure everywhere is draught-proof

I think that’s enough goals to be getting on with if you set yourself monthly goals I would love to hear about them. Leave me a comment or a link to your goals if you are a fellow blogger.


  1. September 2nd 2019 / 9:26 AM

    Lovely to see you back with your goals Angela, and it reminds me I have not done mine in months. Urgh I have deep clean the kitchen on mine too, and I was hoping to have got it done over the Summer but that didn’t happen. Also clearing the playroom as Katie is selling all her dolls (CRY). Best of luck for September x

    • September 3rd 2019 / 7:47 PM

      It’s a sad day when they start getting rid of their toys, my two drive me nuts leaving them all over the floor but I know one day I’ll be sad when they don’t play anymore. Your deep clean can wait until you are feeling much better x

  2. September 2nd 2019 / 2:33 PM

    I definitely need to start planning for xmas too it’s creeping up

    • September 3rd 2019 / 7:49 PM

      It will be here before we know it, never too early to start planning in my opinion x

  3. September 9th 2019 / 11:56 AM

    Great to hear a little summer break did you the world of good, and I agree about September feeling like a fresh start in many ways.

    Ooo… You’ve definitely made me think about perhaps upping the amount going to the Christmas savings pot. It sure is creeping up on us!

    Best of luck with all these goals in September. I hopes it proves to be a wonderful & kind month to you and your family.

  4. September 14th 2019 / 10:47 PM

    You’ve given yourself a good list there Angela, and it took me a minute for ‘4 months of the year left’ to sink in. Where has 2019 gone? I have a goal to clear out our study but we just keep shutting the door on it, haha. Good luck with everything.

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