Yearly Goals For 2016

I usually post our monthly goals at the start of each month but I thought I would also share with you the frugal, financial and home yearly goals that Chris and I want to achieve in 2016. I have a good strong feeling that 2016 is going to be our year, we have decided that we are going to approach our goals in a more flexible way, we are going to try lots of new frugal and financial strategies to help us achieve them.

Frugal, Financial & Home Yearly Goals 2016

  • Reduce gas and electric consumption.
  • Meal plan and food preparation.
  • Find the things we need for free (Freecycle, Freegle, Free Sites).
  • Always look for bargains before buying necessary items.
  • Have some no spend days every month.
  • Learn how to repair and maintain our home and garden.
  • Pay half of our credit card debt by October 2016.
  • Decorate on a budget.
  • Save for a new bed.
  • Look for new earning opportunities, try new things.
  • Get rid of cable TV.
  • Make the most of free entertainment.
  • Make a small income from our blogs.
  • Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned this year it’s to set yourself small achievable realistic goals, break them down into monthly chunks and to be flexible in your approach to achieving them, so I’m going to leave the list short and manageable.


What are your personal finance goals for 2016? if you have written a blog post about them please leave me a link below so I can have a read, I love to hear from you.

I want to wish everyone a happy new year, I hope this year holds health, happiness and lots of achievements for you.





  1. Twiggy
    January 1st 2016 / 7:34 PM

    A good list of goals, most of which I’m sure you will achieve no trouble 😉

    Mine is to build up some savings, keep all vouchers for Christmas, and get away in the summer.

    • January 2nd 2016 / 8:19 AM

      Thanks lovely, best of luck with your goals too 🙂

    • FrugalMrW
      January 2nd 2016 / 11:13 AM

      FrugalMrsW is amazing when it comes to pushing us towards our goals, i would not have believed it was possible to achieve what we have this time last year 🙂 good luck with your goals! x

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