Living Well Spending Less Book {Review}

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I have a backlog of frugal, money-making and money-saving books on my kindle and a new year’s resolution to read one a month. This month I’m reading Living Well Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life by Ruth Soukup, Ruth also has a blog Living Well Spending Less which is where I found out about the book. I really enjoy reading Ruth’s blog posts so I had a feeling I would like the book too.

Most all of the books I’ve got lined up to read I’ve bought because I’ve read a review or someone has recommended them to me, some of them I have downloaded for free when they have been on offer.

In the book Ruth shares her personal stories about her own journey to living well and spending less, she also shares practical action plans to set you on your way.

Living Well Spending Less Book Review


The first section of the book is all about living well, Ruth suggests ways to live a good life and this involved a lot of bible quotes and I felt heavily aimed towards Christians. I am not a religious person but could still take away some good advice on how to live a happier more fulfilled life.

The tips about spending less in the second section were really useful, they are actionable, simple and things you can put into practice straight away. Ruth gives some good advice about goal setting which I found really useful too.

I did enjoy this book and found a quick and practical read.

Ruth also had another book available called 31 Days To A Clutter Free Life which I’ve added to my must-read list, I feel like I’m constantly decluttering my home.

If you have any recommendations for me please leave me a comment below, I’m always looking for frugal inspiration.




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