How To Best Utilise Amazon Selling To Make The Most Profit

As an Amazon seller, you’ll know how competitive the marketplace and the hard work that goes into making a sale. There are so many people looking to make a business online and so it’s getting tougher and tougher each day.

So, whether or not you’re new to the Amazon selling scene, here are 5 ways you can best utilise the experience to make the most profit.

Optimize Product Listing

If you want people to buy your product, they must be able to find it.

This means that your product title must be relevant to the product itself and is something that a potential customer would search for.

Most of this comes down to finding the right keywords to describe the product. An optimised product listing has uses of keywords in the title, product description and product features.

You should be looking at targeting 4-5 short and long tail keywords so your target audience are best placed to discover your product.

You should also consider using Amazon PPC. For those of you wondering what is Amazon PPC, it’s a sponsored ad campaign that can catapult your product to the top of the rankings strategic use of keywords.

Optimised product listings are the only way increase product rankings on Amazon, which is the only way to increase sales.

High Quality Images

When buying online, it’s crucial that customers can physically see what they’re going to buy. And to do that, you need professional pictures of the items you’re selling.

The pictures must be clear and sharp, with at least one showing the product in use. The product images must also be on a clear background.

There are rules set by Amazon around what to include as a product image so check them out.

You’ll want to continually keep your images fresh and up to date. Having quality pictures makes you appear as a more professional, and trustworthy seller.


When it comes to customer satisfaction, one of the major factors comes from timely fulfilment, shipping and delivery.

Now, there is always the option of doing this yourself but if that takes too much of your time you should consider using Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

FBA provides the service and reputation that Amazon has worked so hard to build. Once an order has been placed, they take care of all shipping and fulfilment duties.

This provides a hassle-free opportunity for sellers to build rapport and reputation through great customer service.

However, this does come with added cost so be prepared to budget for it. This may mean higher product prices to cover the cost but the service you get in return will be worth it.

Product Reviews

Providing excellent customer service provides the social proof buyers need to have before checking out. Product reviews are a great way to leverage this proof.

You need to be encouraging customers to leave a review of your product as much as possible.

Start by just asking them to leave a review. Send them an email between 7-10 days after delivery has been confirmed to give the customer a chance to use the product.

A simple follow-up can prove effective. They also act as a way to start a conversation with your customer to monitor how their buying experience was with you. It gives you a chance to fix problems, before the negative review is ever left.

Product reviews can make or break your success from selling on Amazon.

Keep products in stock

You need to make sure that your Amazon store never runs out of stock.

Amazon takes no stock as a sign of a poor-quality store.  Stores that run out of stock tend to have a higher return or refund rate compared to stores with plenty of inventory.

Plus, most importantly, how is a customer meant to buy from you if you can’t supply them?  It’s unlikely they will wait around for the next week or so while you stock up.

Customers will just go to another store and purchase their product.

This does damage to your store twofold:

  • They clicked off your page after viewing it. This decreases your conversion rate.
  • They purchased from a competitor. This increases their conversion rate.

Make sure your stock levels are always high enough to cover demand.

Follow these 5 tips and you will become a very successful Amazon seller.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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