Daily Lotteries You Can Play For Free

Have you got a spare five minutes a day to try and win some cash? Of course, you have! I thought I would share with some of the free daily lotteries that I’m registered with. The jackpots might not be in the millions but it’s still free cash and who doesn’t love that.

Free daily lotteries are a great fun, no-risk way to win some cash. I have my favourites bookmarked, it takes me less than five minutes a day to check them.

The websites I’ve included are easy to sign up for and you don’t receive a load of spam emails either. All it takes a quick daily click to find out if you have won.

Pick My Postcode

Pick My Postcode is totally free to join. Just register and enter your postcode and you are ready to play.

There are several ways to win including the main draw, video draw, survey draw, stackpot draw, mini draw, and bonus draw. There are at least 17 winning postcodes every single day.

The site uses ad revenue to generate the prize money making it totally free for you to play.

My Lucky Patch

Join My Lucky Patch and log in to claim you patches and build your winning cash pot. You will get a £5 personal bonus when you sign up to start you off. Visit daily to claim your five patches, the more you have the higher your chances of winning.  After midnight Bob chooses one lucky patch to win. Each day you can visit the lucky patches page and click claim to see if you have won. If you win they pay the cash straight into your Paypal account.

You can also earn more patches and increase your personal bonus by using other features on the website like Bob’s secret mission market.

This website is funded by sponsors and ad revenue.

Freemoji Lottery

The Freemoji lottery is lots of fun to play. Just choose a combination of emoji’s then check back daily at 7 pm to see if you have been lucky. There’s also the fivers draw too. Prize winnings are paid in US dollars into your Paypal account.

Best of luck if you do enter and make sure to come back and let me know if you win.





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