Make Money Online With Prolific Academic

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Prolific Academic has to be my most favourite website for earning extra money. It’s a survey site with a difference. You won’t find boring mind-numbing surveys here these ones are fun, challenging and very rewarding to complete.

I have been completing consumer surveys for as long as I’ve had the internet and I find them so interesting. Not only do you get to express your opinions on a variety of different topics you are also compensated for your time. I have a blog post full of tips and advice about how to make money taking online surveys that you might find useful as well.

Make Money Online With Prolific Academic


Anyone can sign up for Prolific Academic. You can use an academic email address or sign in with your Facebook account.

Researchers post studies and you choose which ones you want to take part in. Your account will only show the ones you are eligible for so no frustrating screen out’s either. I find the studies really interesting and fun to complete but you do need to concentrate and give them your full attention to avoid failing the attention checks.

The studies are well paid and the payment threshold is only £5 which you can withdraw into your using Paypal account. Reaching the payment threshold is really easy and I find I can cash out several times during the month.

I also suggest checking the site regularly as studies have a limit on the number of participants they are looking for so they disappear really quickly. Every time I’m on my laptop I keep a tab open so I can see as soon as a new survey pops up. Since I started doing this I’ve increased my earnings as I’m not missing as many studies.

Sign up to Prolific Academic today and start earning yourself some extra money.




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