How I Paid For Christmas In July

I know some of you will be rolling your eyes in despair and shouting at the screen that it’s too early to be mentioning Christmas. Stick with me though as the links to the sites I use for earning online could be valuable to you.

With six children between us and one grandchild you can imagine the cost at Christmas can’t you. We’re not huge spenders we don’t go crazy but of course we do like to treat them all.

The only way we can afford the cost of Christmas is to start preparing early. We get organised and start earning a some extra money online. This means we can pick up bargains throughout the year to spread the cost.

With all of my husband’s wages going towards bills and debt repayment there’s little room to save for Christmas. A few years ago I started doing surveys and saving up the vouchers that I redeemed to put towards gifts. This year I’ve managed to go one step further and pay for the whole of Christmas early.


Back in May this year I discovered a fantastic site called The Money Shed . You can read my blog post about it. because of that forum, its wonderful members and brilliant owner I have been able to earn enough to pay for Christmas. I’ve even been able to sort some birthday gifts out too !

I must point out that as with anything in life, you have to put in the time and work hard to see good results. Even if you have only got a couple of hours spare a day you can still earn a nice little sum.

Here are few of the ways that I’ve been making money.


Prolific Academic  is my absolute favourite survey site, the surveys are interesting, high paid and you can cash out at just £5.

MintVine is another favourite, I’ve cashed out $10 three times since I joined up in June, fun surveys and some even lead to product testing and focus group opportunities.

GlobalTestMarket pays out at £30 but the surveys are highly paid so it’s easy to reach this amount at least once a month if you fit their demographics.

i-say pays out in vouchers. The surveys are interesting and often lead to products to test.

Valued Opinions pays in vouchers. The surveys usually pay anything from 50p-£2 and you can cash out at £10.50.

SwagBucks you can earn in lots different ways with this company, I usually stick to the surveys, you can redeem gift vouchers or Paypal.


I’ve also been using apps like Field Agent, Task 360 and Street Bees. They pay you for completing tasks like mystery shopping and auditing.


We’ve been selling our unwanted items through local selling pages on Facebook. I have also used Gum Tree and Pre-Loved.


When I have ordered presents I’ve been using cashback sites like Top Cashback and Quidco .

I really hope this post can help you earn a little extra money. If you have any questions please leave me a comment.

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