Money Mondays – Buying For Baby On A Budget

This week in Money Mondays I thought I would share some baby budgeting tips we used when having our children, we all know how expensive it can be buying all the things you need for a newborn but it doesn’t stop there does it, babies grow so fast and need new clothes roughly every 3 months so finding little ways to save really does make all the difference.

  • Join sites like Freecycle, Freegle and Gumtree, you can pick up items like cots, baths, play mats and baby clothes for free, the condition of the items is usually really good as they are used for such a short space of time, I got a Pink Lining changing bag from Freecycle, it was as good as new once I washed it and would normally retail at £40 upwards.


  • Facebook selling pages for your local area are great for picking up the essential items at bargain prices, lots are gently used and sometimes not used at all. People usually sell bundles of baby clothes for a fraction of what they would cost you new, I got some fantastic bundles for Jake most included brands such as Next, Zara Baby and Baby Gap.


  • I would always recommend buying a brand new mattress for cots and Moses baskets, I buy mine from Kiddicare online, they offer a good range of prices to suit all budgets.


  • Asking relatives and friends to keep their feelers out for you for you is a good idea, they might know someone giving baby items away or even selling them at bargain prices.


  • If you are buying new always shop around, do your research as some stores may offer a price match, keep your eyes peeled for special baby events or visit the baby shows in your local area to find some cut price bargains.


  • Join some baby clubs online, many offer free gifts or coupons for useful baby items as well as great ideas and advice, here are my favourites

Emma’s Diary


Asda Baby Club

Tesco Baby Club

Aptamil Baby Club

Cow & Gate Baby Club



  • Buy Nappies and Wipes in bulk packs, we always buy the economy big box packs, they last us the whole month and cost less in the long run.


  • Most supermarkets now offer a range of baby toiletries and nappies that rival the big brands, you could try downshifting to see what suits you and your baby.

Have you shopped around and saved money on baby essentials ? if you have any tips you would like to share please leave me a comment below.


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