Freebies, Bargains & Charity Shop Haul

Lots of you seemed to enjoy this post last month so I thought I would share with you again, getting freebies, finding bargains and buying from charity shops really helps me stretch my budget which is so important when you are trying to be frugal.

As I’ve mentioned before being frugal to our family means that we find ways to save money on our every day expenses so we can afford for me stay home with the children, clear our debts and still have a little leftover for treats and family days out.


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A co-operative food store local to us were celebrating re-opening after a refurbishment and as I have a members card they sent me a coupon for a free cake, big thumbs up from me.

FrugalMrW is on the mailing list for Screwfix and they often include freebies in their mailers, this portable charger is really useful.

Daisy and Jake got a free goody bag and an Easter egg each from an Easter event at Smyths Toy store.


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I’ve been on a sort of spending ban this month, but I couldn’t resist a few bargains though in my defence I was very selective.

I picked up some reduced bargains in my local co-op food store, the quiches are great for freezing.

The make-up bags are from H&M and I’m going to use them as pencil cases, they are such good quality and at a £1 each a real bargain.

The Dolmio Lasagne kit was £4 from Asda, the dish is worth more than that alone, it’s really thick and great quality.

I could not resist this mug when I spotted as I was queueing up to pay in Home Bargains, it was only 99p.

The BBC online store is closing down so I bagged this Postman Pat toy for Jake’s birthday for only £6.

Another bargain I found by the checkouts are these two Disney books for 50p each from B&M Bargains, I love buying books for the children.

Charity Shop

I haven’t had the chance to visit any charity shops this month, I’m planning a trip in the next couple of weeks to look for some Postman Pat books so I’ll let you know if I’m successful.

If you’ve found any good freebies or bargains leave me a comment below, I love hearing from you.

Angela xx

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  1. March 28th 2016 / 12:25 AM

    Love those freebies! It’s great that your husband is into all this too! Some cracking bargains this month too

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