Win A Play More Adventure Kit {Giveaway}

Summer is the perfect time to encourage the kids to get outside and explore nature. Play More is the new campaign sponsored by Sudocrem, designed to get parents and kids back in touch with nature. Children are spending more time indoors than outdoors which means they are missing out on exploring the natural world.

As part of the campaign, Sudocrem are also offering nurseries around the UK the chance to win support for play ground regeneration or a mural, which will be painted by award-winning artist, Joy Pirkle. You can nominate your nursery by heading over to the Play More nominations page.

Research has shown that 1 in 9 British children have not visited a beach, park or forest in months. This is why the play More campaign has been set up. As part of the campaign Sudocrem carried out a survey of 200 children between the ages of 4 and 8 years old to identify some of Britain’s creepy crawlies. The survey revealed that 89% of the children were unable to recognise a butterfly and 51% didn’t know what a bumblebee looked like.

The survey also revealed that 59% of children had never climbed a tree, 89% didn’t know what a buttercup was and 77% couldn’t identify a sunflower. Not only are children unable to identify the most distinctive of insects they are also missing out on the adventure that comes with playing outside.

As part of the campaign, Sudocrem have put together and are giving away adventure kits. The kits have been carefully put together to encourage children to play outside.

They have very kindly offered to give away a kit to one of our lovely readers. The adventure kit is valued at £40 and includes the following:

Play More t-shirt
Play More sun hat
Bug Pot
Butterfly Net
Magnifying glass
Trowel or fork 

If you would like to win you can enter the giveaway using the gleam widget below. Make sure you pop back daily for an extra bonus entry. Have a read the terms and conditions and best of luck with your entry.

Terms & Conditions

  • Entrants must be over 18 years old.
  • Open to UK entries only.
  • The Closing date is 29.07.2018 11.59pm.
  • The prize is a Play More Adventure Kit as stated above.
  • The winner will be selected at random from all valid entries and contacted by email.
  • The winner has 14 days to respond failure to do so will result in a new winner being selected.
  • Winner must allow 28 working days for delivery of prize.
  • Please read our privacy policy to understand how we use any data we collect.

Win A Play More Adventure Kit

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.



  1. Karen Radford
    July 8th 2018 / 12:38 PM

    We like to go to the park for a picnic

  2. Kim Styles
    July 8th 2018 / 1:56 PM

    We like to have long walks in the woods or public footpaths of norfolk

  3. Margaret GALLAGHER
    July 8th 2018 / 6:56 PM

    Swings and bat and ball
    Water fights too

  4. July 8th 2018 / 9:59 PM

    Walking and going to see the ducks on the canal. 🙂

  5. Solange
    July 9th 2018 / 4:58 AM

    We love exploring our local park and woods on bikes or scooters.

  6. john prendergast
    July 9th 2018 / 4:15 PM

    taking the dog for walks on the beach

  7. iain maciver
    July 9th 2018 / 8:56 PM

    head to the park or the beach

  8. Sue McCarthy
    July 10th 2018 / 9:10 AM

    I don’t have any kids but this is a great initiative.

  9. Bethany Molyneux
    July 10th 2018 / 11:08 AM

    Adventure in the woods!

  10. Helen Stratton
    July 10th 2018 / 12:52 PM

    Visit the woods. Freedom, climbing and exploring!

  11. Laura Turner
    July 10th 2018 / 1:02 PM

    climbing trees and swinging over the river on a rope.

  12. Emma C
    July 10th 2018 / 1:41 PM

    We love bike rides and picnics in the park

  13. Kim M
    July 10th 2018 / 3:03 PM

    Picnics and walking in the woods x

  14. Annabel Greaves
    July 10th 2018 / 4:39 PM

    We love family picnics

  15. Peter Watson
    July 10th 2018 / 6:51 PM

    We like to look at wildlife and go “crabbing” up the coast

  16. Chris Andrews
    July 10th 2018 / 7:09 PM

    What do you like to do outdoors as a family ?

    we like to go for a walk in our local nature reseve

  17. Susan B
    July 10th 2018 / 7:39 PM

    Walk to the park to have picnics, blow bubbles, throw frisbees and feed the ducks.

  18. Angela Treadway
    July 10th 2018 / 7:40 PM

    we love to go on bike rides x

  19. Clare Hubbard
    July 10th 2018 / 7:43 PM

    We love going to walks, helps the boys burn some energy

  20. Miss Tracy Hanson
    July 10th 2018 / 8:20 PM

    We like to take the dogs to the park and have a run about, then have a picnic. Just to round it off we feed the ducks and swans on the park lake. Or we like to go for a walk with the dogs to the local woods where there’s a small river and then a picnic at the mid-way point.

  21. Andrea Fletcher
    July 10th 2018 / 8:41 PM

    We like to go on long walks and spend time on our allotment.

  22. Amanda tanner
    July 10th 2018 / 11:37 PM

    BBQ in the garden with the family in the summer.

  23. Ruth Harwood
    July 11th 2018 / 10:30 AM

    we enjoy playing football xx

  24. Martina Pichova
    July 11th 2018 / 10:59 AM

    Go to playgrounds, on the bikes or scooters or exploring new places.

  25. Laura Pritchard
    July 11th 2018 / 4:11 PM

    We love going geocaching!

  26. Laura Jones
    July 11th 2018 / 7:02 PM

    more active the better rounders bug hunts catch ball volley ball piggy in the middle cricket

  27. Sally Collingwood
    July 11th 2018 / 7:42 PM

    We love going out to the fair or garden fete’s

  28. Amandeep Sibia
    July 12th 2018 / 1:56 PM

    We love to head out to the countryside!

  29. Isabell Whitenstall
    July 13th 2018 / 8:52 PM

    We love visiting our local park which has plenty of things for the kids to do

  30. Jade Hewlett
    July 14th 2018 / 12:15 PM

    We like to go to the park or the beach

  31. Samantha O'D
    July 14th 2018 / 1:23 PM

    We love to go to the beach

  32. Lindsey stuart
    July 15th 2018 / 9:50 AM

    We really enjoy the outdoors, we love walking and biking along the beautiful country side.

  33. A.E. ADKINS
    July 15th 2018 / 11:02 AM

    Anything water related and/or days out and about suits us

    July 15th 2018 / 10:13 PM

    A walk up the park where there is a nature trail, a hall, garden centre etc

  35. Rachel Frances
    July 16th 2018 / 2:11 AM

    my fiancee and I both love bike and picnics

  36. Keith Glover
    July 16th 2018 / 3:31 PM

    Doggy walking in the countryside

  37. Stevie
    July 18th 2018 / 9:24 AM

    We like to go down the riverside with the dogs and occasionally have a picnic.

  38. Rachel Butterworth
    July 18th 2018 / 10:10 PM

    Go on nature walks in our local woods with our dog.

  39. Rachael Sexey
    July 21st 2018 / 7:58 AM

    We love to walk our dog peps

  40. Susan Smith
    July 21st 2018 / 8:52 AM

    We love to go for walks, especially along the beach, thats where we are lucky having this on our doorstep, also Norfolk has some great walkways along the broads, which we often explore

  41. paula cheadle
    July 21st 2018 / 11:28 PM

    we all love going down to the local park

  42. Danielle Spencer
    July 22nd 2018 / 3:40 AM

    We love long walks and finding secret stones that people have painted around the area.

  43. Jo m welsh
    July 22nd 2018 / 4:50 PM

    Go to the beach is our favourite family activity great in the summer but can be fun in the winter as well 🙂

  44. Pam Smith
    July 23rd 2018 / 5:54 PM

    We love to go camping and explore new places

  45. July 24th 2018 / 10:34 AM

    We like trips to our local park which has a stream to play in – that’s always fun x

  46. Michelle Ferguson
    July 25th 2018 / 8:16 AM

    We love to go to the beach

  47. sheri Darby
    July 26th 2018 / 5:22 PM

    We love long walks and picnics

  48. Debbie Finnerty
    July 27th 2018 / 9:16 AM

    We love the beach!!

  49. Ben Pearce
    July 27th 2018 / 1:54 PM

    My 1 year old twins love the outdoors. Splashing in the river by our house is their new best thing

  50. Rebecca Whatmore (@0zzyhog)
    July 27th 2018 / 2:18 PM

    Go for walks, watch wildlife and play in the park and have picnics.

  51. adrian price
    July 27th 2018 / 4:07 PM

    wood land walks with our daft dog Sandy

  52. Maria P
    July 27th 2018 / 5:02 PM

    having a walk in the woods

  53. Rachel Craig
    July 28th 2018 / 5:16 AM

    Go for a walk, have a picnic, etc.

  54. Pam Francis Gregory
    July 28th 2018 / 12:10 PM

    We enjoy a game of footie

  55. carol boffey
    July 28th 2018 / 12:19 PM

    going for a walk

  56. Kim Neville
    July 28th 2018 / 3:01 PM

    Explore different parks and Theme park days out

    July 28th 2018 / 7:03 PM

    Trips to the park and taking the dog on walks

  58. Sandra Fortune
    July 28th 2018 / 7:38 PM

    Walking on beaches is my favourite I have to be near the sea

  59. Sam Parkes
    July 28th 2018 / 9:48 PM

    Love beach days swimming, building sand castles and crabbing

  60. amanda greensmith
    July 28th 2018 / 10:08 PM

    we love going for walks along our local beach and around the new forest

  61. Samantha Atherton
    July 28th 2018 / 10:12 PM

    We love going to the beach to explore in the rock pools.

  62. jackie beckett
    July 28th 2018 / 11:13 PM

    We live in the beautiful Forest of Dean and love to go in the woods and see the wildlife

  63. Simone Griffin
    July 29th 2018 / 8:32 AM

    We love to try and make everyone happy so a walk in the woods and then a yummy picnic

  64. astrid c
    July 29th 2018 / 8:51 AM

    trips to the parks and seasides x

  65. July 29th 2018 / 9:00 AM

    We like to walk the dog by the river – visit castles – and nature places

  66. Khughes
    July 29th 2018 / 11:14 AM

    We like to go for walks in the wood. Seeing which animals and flowers we can spot

  67. Samantha Buntain
    July 29th 2018 / 11:53 AM

    We like to play treasure hunts. Where mummy or daddy buries something then our little one would dig to find the treasure that’s our favourite game x

  68. Sandra Foreman
    July 29th 2018 / 12:51 PM

    walking around the local park

  69. irene gilmour
    July 29th 2018 / 1:59 PM

    we love to eat out doors as a family

  70. Natalie Crossan
    July 29th 2018 / 2:51 PM

    We like to go down to the beach x

  71. Hannah scudder
    July 29th 2018 / 3:22 PM

    Walking trails and walking to the park.

  72. Adrian Bold
    July 29th 2018 / 3:30 PM

    We love to go on dog walks and hikes.

  73. Sarah Taylor
    July 29th 2018 / 6:07 PM

    picnics in the park

  74. Antonia Richardson
    July 29th 2018 / 6:52 PM

    go to dover castle

  75. Charlie Brunton
    July 29th 2018 / 10:02 PM

    We love taking the short trip to the beach & playing games on the sand!

  76. Catherine Bullas
    July 29th 2018 / 10:23 PM

    Going fishing and for walks.

  77. Tee Simpson
    July 29th 2018 / 10:30 PM

    We like going for woodland walks.

  78. Dean T
    July 29th 2018 / 11:28 PM

    We love to go for walks rabbit spotting in the local country park

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