5 Simple Self-Care Tips For Autumn

As much as I adore Autumn it can be a battle to stay healthy this time of year. This season not only brings coughs and colds but it can also be quite stressful too. Lots of people start planning for festivities like Halloween, Bonfire night and not to mention Christmas. I don’t know about you but my diary is always busy in the last quarter of the year. It’s all too easy to forget to look after yourself this time of year but it is vitally important to your health and well-being. With this in mind I  thought I would share with you five simple tips for self-care in Autumn.

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As the old saying goes prevention is better than cure. Drinking plenty of water and eating extra fruit and veggies is a simple way of keeping yourself well. It’s so tempting in the colder months to make unhealthy choices. One way to combat this is to make some winter warming comfort food like vegetable soups and stews packed full of nutrients. If you are struggling to get your five a day then a good multivitamin can help you get the nutrients you need.

If you do succumb to the sniffles then you could top up your vitamin C with a nice mug of hot honey and lemon. If like me your allergies flare up in the Autumn, a product like Eyelergy  could help to ease the symptoms.

Practicing good hygiene will drastically decrease your chances of catching the dreaded common cold. Simple things like washing your hands with soap often and carrying some anti-bacterial gel in your bag can help too. It’s also a really good idea to make some small changes to your beauty routine. Cold weather and central heating can dry your skin so be sure to moisturise. Products like Prevasore are great at preventing cold sores from taking hold.

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Have A Bath

Most people nowadays only have time for a quick shower, this makes having a bath seem like a luxury. There’s nothing better in my opinion ,than slipping into a nice hot bubble bath when it’s cold outside. Relaxing in some delicious smelling bubbles with a good book and a candle is my idea of bliss.

Having a bath has lots of health benefits too. A hot bath before bed can induce a better nights sleep, the steam can help reduce the symptoms of a cold and lying down in warm water can boost your mood.

You could make your bath time a weekly ritual and an excuse to pamper yourself, that’s the ultimate in self-care. Start with a warming mineral face mask, light some Autumn scented candles and out on some relaxing music. Have a long soothing soak in the bath tub and let your float away.

Switch Off

With easy access to social media and technology these days it’s incredibly hard to just switch off.  It’s so important for your mental health and well-being to take a step back, stop scrolling, stop comparing your life and just breathe. A lot of us are losing the skill of just being in the moment.

Taking some time out to just snuggle on the sofa with a warm blanket will soothe your soul, I guarantee. You could binge watch your favourite show on Netflix, read a book or just have a nap. Making the rooms in your house really cosy with plenty of cushions, cosy blankets or throws and some twinkling lights should get you in the mood to relax.

Taking some time to switch off, relax and do absolutely nothing will help you recover your energy and improve your mood.

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Get Outside

It might be cold but getting outside, in the fresh air, every day can really help to improve both your physical and mental health. Something as simple as taking a walk can relieve stress and boost you energy levels. Being outside surrounded by nature improves your mood, your self-esteem, relieves stress and refreshes your mind.

If you work in an office or from home, like I do, then getting outside is really important. A walk around a local park can clear your head. Sometimes a quick cup of coffee in the afternoon enjoyed in my garden is enough to re-invigorate me for the rest of the day.

Vitamin D plays an important role in supporting your immune system and a deficiency can contribute to low moods. Most of the bodies vitamin D comes from getting sunlight on your skin,so levels can be quite low during the colder months. That’s another reason why getting outside and getting as much daylight as you can is so important.

Have Fun

In my opinion the best way to look after yourself is to indulge in something fun every single day. Whether it’s getting together with friends for a gossip, watching a comedy or going on an adventure.

Self-care should be fun, it should be about doing nice things for yourself and filling your own cup up.

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