5 Self-Care Tips For Autumn

The season of coughs, colds and nasty bugs is upon us. As much as I adore Autumn it can be a battle to stay healthy this time of year. This season can also be quite stressful with the busyness of planning for upcoming festivities. I thought I would share with my top five tips for looking after yourself this time of year.


As the old saying goes prevention is better than cure. Drinking plenty of water and eating extra fruit and veggies can really help keep you well. You could make yourself some delicious homemade soups packed with winter vegetables.

As soon as you get a runny nose or tickly throat you could top up your vitamin C with a mug of hot honey and lemon. If like me your allergies flare up in the Autumn, a product like Eyelergy will help to ease the symptoms.

It’s also a really good idea to make some small changes to your beauty routine too. Cold weather and central heating dries your skin so be sure to moisturise. Products like Prevasore are great at preventing cold sores from taking hold too.

Have A Bath

There’s nothing better than slipping into a nice hot bubble bath when it’s cold outside. Relaxing by soaking with a book and a candle is my idea of bliss. Adding bath bombs or luxurious bubble bath can really help to lift your mood too.

Switch Off

Taking some time out to just snuggle on the sofa with a fleecy blanket will soothe your soul. You could binge watch Netflix, read a book or have a nap. You can make the rooms in your house really cosy with plenty of cushions, blankets and twinkling lights.

There’s a real tendency to rush about this time of year with so many events and activities. Taking the time to relax and do nothing will help you recover your energy.

Get Outside

It might be cold but getting outside everyday can really improve both your physical and mental health. Taking a walk can relieve stress and boost you energy levels.

Vitamin D levels can be quite low during the colder months. Getting as much daylight as you can will give you a real boost.

Have Fun

In my opinion the best way to look after yourself is to indulge in something fun every single day. Whether it’s getting together with friends for a gossip, watching a comedy or going on an adventure.

Disclosure: This post contains PR samples. All opinions are my own.



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