Skincare Tips For Autumn

Autumn has finally arrived! It’s the season for cosy jumpers, crunching through leaves and snuggling under warm blankets. It’s also the time of year that we see a sharp drop in temperature and us switching on the heating both of which can have an effect on the skin. I thought I would share with you my top 5 skincare tips for Autumn to help keep your skin looking fabulous.

No matter what your skin type, cold weather, and artificial heating could make your skin dull, dehydrated and badly in need of some TLC.

Skincare Tips For Autumn


In Autumn it’s important to adapt your beauty regime to reflect the change in the elements. The most important thing to invest in is a super-moisturising facial product. You will need to choose one specifically targeted for your skin type, and make sure the product contains SPF as even in the colder months the sun can still damage your skin.

If your skin is oily and prone to spots you could try a BB cream as they hydrate, have SPF protection and offer sheer coverage. Make sure you look for the best BB cream for acne-prone skin if that’s something you suffer with too.

For very dry skin there are lots of great products on the market, lots of them are designed to lock in moisture too.

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Staying with skincare regimes, exfoliation is also really important this time of year. When your skin becomes dehydrated in the winter months it can end up looking dull and lifeless. Exfoliating helps to remove dead skin cells, this, in turn, will allow your skin to absorb moisturisers and other skincare products like serums more easily.

You can easily make your own exfoliating scrubs at home using natural ingredients which is great for your skin.


Staying hydrated is just as important in the colder months as it is in the summer. The dry autumn air and lack of humidity can leave your skin really dehydrated. Drinking lots of water will not only help to keep your skin healthy it will also help with chapped lips. It is recommended that you drink at least 2 litres of water every day to keep

If you need a reminder to drink water there are lots of great apps available that will remind you. Setting several timers on your phone throughout the day is another way to remember to take a sip. You can also buy special hydration tracker water bottles which motivate you to keep up your water intake during the day. The bottles are marked with a water timing chart to keep you on track.

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Healthy skin starts from within so they say. Making sure you get your five a day will not only give your immune a boost it will also keep your skin looking healthy. The best fruits and vegetables for your skin include carrots, avocados, broccoli, tomatoes, leafy greens, pomegranates, and blueberries.

Oily fish like sardines or mackerel are packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids which are important for maintaining healthy skin. Fatty fish is also a good source of vitamin E which is one of the most important antioxidants for your skin.

Autumn is a good time to start taking supplements, they can help to combat any deficiencies in your diet. Green juices and smoothies can also give you a vitamin boost and they taste delicious too.

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Back To Basics

We often forget about the simple things we can do to help look after our skin. Go back to basics of self-care by getting enough sleep, getting plenty of exercise and wrapping up well against the elements.

Maintaining a daily skincare routine of cleansing, toning and moisturising your skin will help to keep it healthy and glowing all year round. Don’t forget about your hands and feet too, they will need extra attention against the elements too. Invest in a really good hand cream that will build a barrier between your skin and the elements.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative blog post.



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