L.O.L Surprise! Eye Spy Under Wraps {Review}

We love L.O.L Surprise! in our house, and are always excited when a new product is released. This time it’s L.O.L Surprise! Eye Spy Under Wraps and we have been sent one to review. I love how the creators behind L.O.L Surprise! keep coming with new fun and surprising ways to delight children. With Eye Spy Under Wraps you will need to use your detective skills to solve the clues found in each layer.

Eye Spy Under Wraps come with 15 surprises, you use the special decoder spyglass to reveal secret messages and codes to unlock them.

child laughing with L.O.L Surprise! Eye Spy Under Wraps

child with spyglass

When we unwrapped the first layer we found a clue to what type of doll we would find inside. Daisy guessed we might find some related to Egypt inside but she hoped it wasn’t a spooky mummy.

lol doll under wraps spyglass

The doll and the surprises are locked inside of a capsule, there are six combinations to try to unlock each compartment. This has to be my favourite L.O.L Surprise! product so far, I loved that Daisy had to solve clues and try different combinations to unlock the surprises. It really adds an extra dimension to the toy.

child opening L.O.L Surprise! under wraps

The eye spy series of dolls come complete with a disguise, Daisy was right as hers came dressed as an Egyptian Pharaoh mummy. The disguise outfit is made of soft rubber will fit all the tots dolls in the series so you can use it on other dolls in your collection too. It easily peels off to reveal the doll beneath.

under wraps lol doll with disguise costume

Daisy found ‘As If Baby’ inside the disguise, she’s part of the glam club and her rarity is popular. She comes dressed in black fur cuff and collar red animal print top and skirt and wears red platform shoes and knee-high socks. Her accessories include a cute black backpack with angel wings, a white dummy and a water bottle.

The capsule doubles up as a carry case so you can store your L.O.L Surprise! inside along with the rest of her accessories.

lol doll surprise with capsule under wraps eye spy

lol doll as if baby with accessories

After playing with her new tot it was time to see which water surprise ‘As If Baby’ had. Daisy was hoping for a colour changing L.O.L Surprise! as these are her favourite.

She immersed the L.O.L doll into both warm water and iced water to see if there were any changes. Sadly there weren’t this time, As If Baby is not a colour changing doll. There was however another surprise, when Daisy squeezed her she shot water out of her ears ! Daisy thought this was hilarious and all disappointment was soon forgotten.

All of the dolls come with a water surprise feature, they with either cry, spit, pee, change colour or squirt water from their ears.

testing colour change Lol doll surprise

L.O.L Surprise! doll in cold water

What We Loved About L.O.L Surprise! Eye Spy Under Wraps

  • Decoding the clues and combinations.
  • Water surprise squirting ears.
  • The cute little back pack with angel wings.

L.O.L Surprise! Eye Spy Under Wraps are available to buy from Smyths, The Entertainer, Argos and all other good toy retailers with an RRP of £14.99.


Disclosure: We were sent the Eye Spy Under Wraps free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links see our disclosure policy for more information.

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