Britannia, Chocolate Cake & Fresh Paint #LittleLoves

Despite being super tired and full of a cold it’s been a fairly good week. I feel like I’ve managed to get a good balance of work and play this month. The days when I have lots of energy I make myself a good long list and take pleasure in ticking off each task. On the days when I feel tired I relax and indulge in some little loves instead.

Here are my little loves for this week.


I’m almost finished reading Friend Request by Laura Marshall, it’s so good and I’m finding it hard to put it down.

Daisy is learning about story formation and flow at school, it’s really captured her imagination. She decided to write her own version of Jack and the beanstalk in one of her many notebooks and I couldn’t be prouder. She’s used words like penniless and crumbling which I think is pretty impressive for a six-year-old. I loved reading it, she’s so descriptive in her writing which is just amazing.


I must be crazy as I already have two shows on the go at the moment, but I couldn’t resist Britannia. I’ve spent to this week binge watching the Sky Atlantic show. If you love historical period dramas with a bit of grit then you will love Britannia. It’s set in 43AD and depicts the Roman invasion of Britain. I’m absolutely hooked.


I woke a little earlier than the rest of the house on Wednesday morning and enjoyed  listening to the rain and wind outside. Our house isn’t often silent so it was lovely to snatch a moment or two.


Daisy made some chocolate cakes this week to celebrate National Chocolate Cake Day. She loves making and baking and of course tucking in to the end result.

We have also made her freshly painted room pretty with lots of accessories and wall art. I have my eye on a unicorn head for her wall to complete the look.


I don’t wear make-up every day anymore, apart from eyeliner which I would definitely feel naked without. This week though my Maybelline Eye Eraser has been much-needed to help me look a little less like the living dead. If you are sporting the ‘parent who has been woken several times a night by coughing children’ look then I can highly recommend.

And lastly….

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. On Saturday I’m meeting up with fellow blogger and friend Tracey from The Williams World for breakfast and a catch up. Chris and I then have a child free afternoon to look forward to. On Sunday I’m hoping we can get out as a family for some fun.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat
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  1. January 26th 2018 / 9:55 PM

    Love the wall art for Daisy’s room! I’ve been meaning to watch Britannia, couldn’t find it on my catchup for some reason though. Have a great time with Tracey tomorrow x

  2. January 27th 2018 / 9:52 AM

    Oh I bet her room looks amazing love the accessories here. Can’t beat chocolate cake making me crave one now. Naughty but nice. YUM. Hope you have a great weekend. #littleloves

  3. January 28th 2018 / 3:49 PM

    Love the wall art – that crayon piece is very cool. Amazing that she is able to use words like that to create stories, no wonder you’re proud. I was looking for a historical TV series to watch, Britannia could be the answer! Hope you’ve enjoyed your weekend xx

  4. January 31st 2018 / 11:38 AM

    I’m a huge fan of the Maybelline Eye Eraser, I’ve just run out and I annoyingly keep forgetting to pick up another when I’m in Boots. And oh boy, do I need it! haha
    I keep meaning to watch Britannia, it looks really good.
    Hope you’re having a good week this week lovely. xx

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