Chocolate Cake Day & Num Noms {Review}

Disclosure: We were sent the Deluxe Packs free for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. This post may contain affiliate links to see our disclosure policy for more information.

In honour of National Chocolate Cake Day we have teamed up with Num Noms to celebrate. National Chocolate Cake Day is on January 27th this year and it’s the perfect excuse to indulge in a slice or two. We love collectibles and we really love chocolate cake so we are delighted to be combining the two. Daisy was so excited when a parcel arrived which included everything we needed to bake a chocolate cake.

The fun collectible characters, they smell amazing and can be stacked together to create over 1,000 delicious scented combinations. The range also includes lip gloss, stamps, light up, and nail polish Noms. Daisy received the series 4 Deluxe Pack and some series 4 mystery pots.

Chocolate Cake Day & Num Noms

Num Noms series 4 Num Noms series 4.2 mystery pots

Num Noms Deluxe Pack Review

Num Noms

The series 4 deluxe pack contains;

9 delicious sweet-scented Nums

2 glitter lip gloss Noms

1 surprise mystery pot

Each series 4 mystery pot contains;

1 sweet scented Num 

1 nail polish Nom

They are available from The Entertainer and other good toy retailers.

Num Noms Num Noms Num Noms

Daisy loves making and baking so she quickly got to work on her chocolate cake. Of course, her new collectibles had to take part too.

Num Noms Num Noms

Is there anything nicer than the smell of freshly baked chocolate cake straight from the oven? Daisy couldn’t wait to decorate her cakes.

As you can see she was very proud of her chocolate cake creation and happily tucked into a slice after tea.

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