Design Your Family Kitchen Your Way

Makeups, breakups, and shake-ups. It all happens in the family kitchen.

Many families start the day in the kitchen eating breakfast and organising their day-to-day activities. Kitchens are hubs for activity in the house and rightly so. Research has proven that families that eat together learn together. Children can get higher grades through better vocabulary and grammar learnt at the dinner table. Children can also feel physically and mentally better eating as a family than when eating alone. So why not make your kitchen design and furniture personal and more comfortable? Tailor the right design for you and your family’s needs.

Design Your Family Kitchen Your Way

modern family kitchen with teal color features

Look After Your Health

Eating as a family is proven to affect health, happiness and healthier food choices. Surprisingly, your posture can also be a major factor in healthy digestion. Sitting slouched, poking your chin out and even hunching your back can result in your food taking longer to pass through the body. So think about investing in beautiful, unique pieces that share your individuality and style with hidden health benefits for your friends and family.

Love a late night snack? Snacking in the kitchen is a favourite pastime among family members and friends all over the world. Some individuals like to eat whilst lying down like our Roman and Greek ancestors on the sofa or even in the bedroom. However, most of us like to snack whilst standing up in the kitchen. Unfortunately, research has proven that late night snacking can also affect long-term health benefits and standing whilst eating can lead to being overweight.

glass bowl with ripe plums

Kitchen Table

So think about your furniture, maybe you can envision breakfast bar stools would be perfect for busy morning eaters before work or school. Or perhaps you need more dining chairs for those extra bodies at the weekend. Schoolchildren regularly have friends to visit for dinner and relatives require extra room in the kitchen. Unsurprisingly, families of all sizes prepare and cook meals together. Many families have extended family that may come around and will want to and want to spend time with the family. Aunts, uncles, grandparents and more. Families can prepare and cook up to four meals at the weekend including lunch and dinner. Researchers say that adults can spend up to two hours per day in the kitchen preparing and cooking food (and that’s not including eating!).

Remember to make room for your extra guests with extra seating, a larger table or space. Make sure you give guests somewhere comfortable to sit, when eating breakfast or even when chopping vegetables for dinner. As they say, the home is where the heart is. Design your family kitchen your way. Whatever your style, make your kitchen the stylish hub of your home.

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