Exciting Adventures To Try In Wales

Wales is the perfect UK destination for those craving their next adventure. From mountains to rapids, the country offers a variety of natural wonders which can be explored up close via physical challenges and thrill-seeker activities. Here are just some of the coolest adventures to be had in Wales.

Exciting Adventures To Try In Wales 

Hike to the top of Snowdon

Standing 3560ft, Snowdon is the tallest mountain in Wales. While you can take a train to the top, those that are feeling fit can hike up the mountain. It takes roughly 5 to 7 hours to reach the summit and come down again, depending on the route you take. On a clear day, it’s the perfect opportunity to take in spectacular views of Snowdonia. Those looking for a serious physical challenge can even try the Welsh 3000s (15 peaks challenge), which involves climbing the 15 highest mountains in Wales in 3 days.

Cycle Wales end to end

Wales has plenty of impressive roads and trails that are ideal for scenic cycling. Those looking for challenging charity bike rides in 2020 can even try The Wales End To End, which involves cycling from Anglesey to Cardiff in three days. On the way, you’ll pass through Bala and Brecon, all the while cycling with the team of people. It’s certainly not a challenge for amateur cyclists.

Ride the world’s fastest zipwire

Wales is home to a number of Zipworld parks where those with a head for heights can ride a number of electrifying high-rise zipwires. Penrhyn Quarry happens to be home to the fastest zip line in the world – Velocity 2. This zip line takes you 500 metres across the bright blue quarry lake. It’s an ideal activity for adrenaline junkies.

Try coasteering

Coasteering a physical activity that was founded in Wales. It involves negotiating the rocky coastlines using a combination of climbing, jumping and swimming (using a boat or surfing is not allowed). There are a number of places where you can try coasteering in Pembrokeshire, in which you’re given safety equipment and are able to follow a guide. Coasteering can be dangerous and shouldn’t be tried alone.

Ride the rapids of Bala

Bala is located in the heart of Snowdonia National Park and is home to the National White Water Rafting Centre. Here, thrill-seekers can take on the rapids of the fierce dam river leading into Bala lake. It’s an exciting activity for those that don’t mind getting wet. If white water rafting is a little too extreme, you can also try kayaking. There are leisurely kayak tours for those that want to take things at a slow pace and more active tours where you can play a variety of games as you paddle.

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