Goals For February {2020}

Our goals for February have been a little difficult to decide on, it’s a short month but a busy one for us. The weekends are already looking busy so we need to squeeze as much fun into the half-term break as we can. Chris has the week off along with the kids so we want to try and look for as many free fun things to do as we can. I really want to fit in a trip to the beach for a winter picnic it’s so lovely this time of year despite the cold.

I’m hoping for a productive month where we can achieve all of our goals for February.

Family, Frugal & Home Goals For February 2020


  • Celebrate Valentine’s day together (on a budget of course)
  • Visit an art gallery or museum exhibition
  • Go to Crosby beach and take a winter picnic
  • Have a movie night with popcorn
  • Visit a new park or forest
  • Cook a meal together
  • Go to the cinema


  • Plan free days out for half-term
  • Look for discount codes and coupons for things we need to buy
  • Sign up for 3 new survey websites
  • Keep the heating off as much as possible
  • Use up the food we have in the freezer


  • Clear out and declutter the shed
  • Tidy up and weed the garden
  • Deep clean the kitchen and declutter the things we are not using
  • Soak shower head and taps in vinegar
  • Clean windows and sills (inside)
  • Put up a coat hook at the kids level


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