Goals For January {2020}

As an avid planner and organiser I love nothing more than sitting down at the beginning of each new month and setting myself some goals. January is a great month to look at the whole year ahead and think about and plan what you want to achieve over the next twelve months. I always have a yearly plan but I also like to break my goals down into manageable monthly chunks too, I find I get less overwhelmed that way.

The first month of the year tends to be quiet which makes it the perfect time to set your goals for January as well as get all your ducks in a row, have a thorough declutter and generally get organised for a successful year ahead.

Family, Frugal & Home Goals January 2020

Family Goals For January

  • Visit our local parks on the weekend
  • Finish reading The Chritmasaurus and the Winter Witch at bedtime
  • Have a family games night
  • Visit Heaton Park in Manchester
  • Choose two good causes to donate to
  • Continue watching the Harry Potter movies together

Frugal Goals For January

  • Change our energy supplier
  • Keep the heating off during the daytime (when I’m home alone)
  • Follow a weekly meal plan
  • Use up all food and avoid any waste
  • Complete surveys as soon as they land in my inbox
  • Look for free events and activities for February half-term

Home Goals For January 

  • Order Jake’s new mattress
  • Deep clean bathroom
  • Tidy the garden and remove dead plants and leaves
  • Clean extractor fans
  • Declutter bedrooms


3 thoughts on “Goals For January {2020}

  1. Oh goodness our garden is such a mess at the moment, but husband said he’s not doing it until Spring !!! I might have to do it myself lol. Always love reading your goals Angela, and best of luck for January x

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