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Sometimes it’s hard to think of just one word that connects and sums up the whole week, especially if the week has been a relatively quiet one. I’ve gone with the word news as I think it ties in nicely with this week’s events.

Park Life

We have been making an extra effort to get outside a little more to let the kids burn off some energy and get them away from Roblox for a bit. On Sunday we visited a local park, the weather has been so mild lately that it feels like we are still in Autumn and the park is still covered in brown crunchy leaves. It led me to think about all the news around climate change, it’s quite scary when I compare the January weather of my childhood to the weather now and I often wonder what the seasons will look like when Daisy and Jake are older.

boy in blue coat holding a fallen tree branch

girl in blue coat balancing on fallen tree


Daisy told me her class had been discussing the awful bush fires in Australia this week and that along with her reading book about endangered animals saw us discussing world events. She is at an age where she’s really interested and concerned about what’s going on in the world and sometimes this can lead to her worrying. I suggested that we start watching Newsround each day as it reports the news in a way that I feel she will be able to comprehend and understand. It has a really good mix of world events and lighter news such as new games releases and upcoming movies, we have all enjoyed watching it together and it’s given us some good topics to discuss too.

Blood Tests 

I got some unexpected news this week when I went for my annual diabetic check, the nurse wants me to be retested to see if I am actually Type 1 and not Type 2. I must admit this did come as a shock to me, but with the way my health has been lately, it’s not really surprising. The blood test results take around a month to come back so I have a little wait until I will know for sure.

In Other News

The kids have settled nicely back into school although the mornings have not been much fun. Nobody wants to get up including me, the mornings are so dark and miserable at the moment. While the kids have been at school I’ve been busy working on the blog, writing up our monthly goals, completing surveys and of course reading lots. I had a nice win this week too, four sets of family cinema tickets so that’s our weekends sorted for a while.

Chris and I have been watching The Witcher on Netflix in the evenings, I’m enjoying it but I’m so glad Chris had read the books so he can explain to me what’s going on in it.



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14 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – News

  1. Watching Newsround is a good way to get a balance on world news. I’m with you on finding a mild winter concerning and climate change is really at the forefront of the news now especially with the bushfires in Australia. Getting up on dark mornings is so much harder isn’t it? We’ve been trying to get outside more too. Hope you have a good weekend x #WotW

  2. urggh to getting up in the mornings again, but at least we have the weekend to look forward to. Im pretty sure that Spring will be arriving very soon. As an ‘older’ person I’ve noticed a lot of change in the weather, we always used to go on holiday in late July or early August and the weather was always nice. But lately it seems that the nicer weather comes earlier, around May and June. August is now looking more like Autumn! Maybe we just need to shift our seasons around? I haven’t watched Newsround for a while now, it’s a good way of showing the news to the kids though. Adult news is so depressing lately I tend to turn it off. 🙁

  3. It’s tough getting up and going when the mornings are dark. I never liked the first week back to school after the holidays when I was a teacher.

    I had to laugh at your Roblox comment about your kids. My grandchildren are the same way! They would play that game all day long if we allowed them to. We practically have to chuck them out the door to burn off some energy.

  4. We’ve been watching The Witcher too. Haven’t seen many, as we try and watch it when it’s just my husband and me. Not so easy as the children get older. I really like Newsround. It tends to deliver the news at a suitable level. Daisy is probably just too young for the Week Junior Times, but I can recommend that when she is a bit older. Hope your blood tests come back as you would like them to. Awful waiting. Enjoy your cinema trip this weekend. #wotw

  5. It really has been mild compared to other years. I was just looking at photos from 10 years ago and we were knee deep in snow. It looks like you had fun at the park.
    Newsround is a great show for kids. I watched it as a child and my girls watch it now and again now.
    I keep meaning to start watching The Witcher, my fella has already watched it and loved it. x

  6. Madam watches Newsround at school, I think it’s a great programme. I remember when it was John Craven.. showing my age! the climate is certainly changing, I don’t see how anyone can it isn’t. Today I’m sat here in a t-shirt and it’s the middle of January! They say snow is more likely in March now. We started watching The Witcher – thought it was good 🙂

  7. Omg Angela how can they get that wrong? And why a month bloody hell all that suffering and they could have got your diagnosis wrong!!! Give me a call if you need I have lived with it for nearly 10 years so may be of some use. Joe is worry too at the moment but about Iran I hate that kids have to worry about this stuff x

    1. Thanks, Sarah that’s kind. My nurse said it’s common to be type 1 alongside another auto-immune disease so she wanted to make sure. The test has to be sent away hence the time length it takes, hopefully it will be good news. Poor Joe, kids do worry so much don’t they x

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