July At The Websters

July has certainly been one busy month. We have had some amazing days out thanks to prizes and blogging. It’s also been busy month full of school activities, clubs and invites. I’ve definitely needed my diary and journal to keep on top of everything.

Next month looks to be just as busy, my diary is fast filling up. We do need a few weekends free for decorating, the wallpaper is being stripped as I type. We also plan to tick lots of things off our summer bucket list.

Here’s what we got up to in July.

  • Daisy went to science and dance club.
  • I went to the Foodies Festival at Tatton Park.
  • There was a transition meeting for Daisy, she’s now in year 1.
  • Game of Thrones came back on the telly.
  • The kids got fantastic school reports.
  • We had a lovely day out at Worden Park in Leyland.
  • I won some lovely prizes including a hamper, books for the kids and a family day out.
  • We went to Blakemere Village countryside fair on a prize win.
  • Daisy & Jake went to a tea party at school for good behaviour.
  • We went to feed the duck at Wigg Island in Runcorn.
  • I had lots of frugal wins.
  • We were invited to Daisy’s classroom to hear about her golden moments.
  • The great summer declutter and sort out began.
  • We had a brilliant day out at Chester Zoo.

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