Elbows, Soup & Soaps #LittleLoves

It’s Friday and it’s time to share this weeks #LittleLoves with you. This week has been a little bit dull and staying motivated and positive has been tough. I think we are all coming down with something so there have been some early nights and a slower pace. Writing this post reminds me about the small things in the week that I’ve loved.


A bit boring I know but this week I’ve been reading about tennis elbow. My elbow has been painful for months and I finally got a diagnosis from the doctor. I’ve been reading about ways I can ease it a little until it clears up. If anyone does or has suffered and has any tips please let me know. This might seem a little out of place on little loves but now I have a diagnosis I can treat it properly.


I’ve been catching up with the soaps this week. I only watch Corrie, Eastenders and Emmerdale but I’ve fell a little behind lately. I do love a good catch up and I’m always reading the spoilers. There’s nothing better than losing yourself in a gritty far fetched storyline. I don’t watch much live TV nowadays but I do like to watch the soaps when they are on.


This week I have loved listening to Daisy reading. Every day it seems that she’s learnt a new word to read. She whizzes through her little bag of words. I almost feel redundant as she needs less and less help with her reading book. I listened from my bedroom as I heard her reading books to Jake, trying so hard with the tricky words she didn’t know.


With a busy week and a few appointments after school I’ve needed some quick meals to turn to. On Wednesday I made a simple bowl of soup and some crusty bread for tea. We all enjoyed it so much and I think I will be adding it to our menu on a regular basis.


I seem to reach for the same tops every morning so I’ve been trying to change it up this week. I’m consciously picking out clothes that I rarely wear. I read that most people only actually wear 20% of what is in their wardrobe, quite shocking when you think of how much space the other 80% is taking up !

And lastly

 Lately I’ve been working every single day, whether it be on the blog, searching for earning opportunities or one of the other income streams I have. Being self employed and working from home puts this pressure on you to always be doing something. The temptations are always there and it’s so hard for me to just switch off. I’ve decided that Saturday is definitely my day off. I’m actually looking forward to the weekends again.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

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14 thoughts on “Elbows, Soup & Soaps #LittleLoves

  1. Your little one looks deep in concentration in the picture – how great she is coming along leaps and bounds with reading. You can’t beat soup with bread during the winter; I have that most lunchtimes to warm me up after the nursery drop off! It sounds like you’re finding a nice balance between being self employed, but also enjoying time at home. Making time for days off sounds like the right thing to do.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  2. Oh that soup looks and sounds delicious. Sorry to hear about the elbow that’s painful. Way to go for your little one. Popping over from #littleloves Happy Weekend.

    1. I think the point about the clothes in your wardrobe is so true, I’m always wearing the same clothes and that’s with quite regular sort outs. I do intend to be more adventurous but seem to stick to the same ‘uniform’

  3. I love soup with crusty bread, my greedy lot would think of it as a starter if I gave it to them for dinner though, they’re a nightmare! Sorry to hear about your elbow, hope it gets better soon. Well done to your little one on her reading, that’s so cute. Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh no tennis elbow sounds painful. The soup look yummy and just the right sort of food for this time of year warm and comforting. Enjoy your day off xxx

  5. Sorry to hear about your tennis elbow Angela, and hopefully now you have a diagnosis you can get some help. I would never think of having soup for tea, but yours looks delicious, and as you said perfect for a quick tea. Have a good week and enjoy your Saturdays off #littleloves x

  6. I love hearing my girls read too. It’s such a magical time when they start to learn to read, I find it absolutely fascinating.
    Awful news about your elbow, I really hope it clears up soon for you xx

  7. I love home made soup, I’m planning to make some tomorrow for dinner. I’m exactly the same with my wardrobe and have been having a bit of a ruthless clear out of those clothes that hang there which I never wear, and making more of an effort to wear the ones I like but were hidden by a mass of other clothes! xx

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