Word Of The Week – Hair

Isn’t it funny how sometimes your week takes on a theme all by itself. My word for this week is hair and here’s why.

Did you have an appointment for today ?

My cousin and I visit a lovely hairdresser every few months. She has a salon in her house and her prices are fantastic. We had to cancel our November appointment and the next available appointment she had was in January.

When we knocked on the door we were met with a really confused looking hairdresser. The poor lady was distraught that she had forgotten to write our appointment down, she’s such a lovely lady and couldn’t apologise enough. We all had a giggle and re-booked for this weekend. I will admit I had been looking forward to that haircut all week, there’s nothing nicer than a fresh cut and a bit of pampering.

After 10 years

I’ve only ever known Chris with long hair, he started growing it in 2006. When we met in 2010 and it was lovely and long with curls at the bottom. For the past few years it’s really started to get on his nerves for one reason or another and he often made grumblings about cutting it. We had to buy some clippers this week so it seemed the perfect time for him to go ahead and do it.

I won’t lie I watched in horror as he chopped all his beautiful hair off, sweeping it up afterwards was painful too. It does look good though and at least he’s still got his beard I suppose.

Traumatic Trimmings 

Despite going to the hairdressers since he was 10 months old Jake hates having his hair cut with a passion. The last time we took him he kicked the hairdresser and almost ended up with scissors stuck in his ear. He bawled, screamed and tantrumed all the way through.

Chris and I both agreed that we couldn’t put a poor hairdresser through that ever again. With Jake’s hair flopping in to his eyes we decided we would have to bite the bullet and tackle it with clippers at home. Let’s just say it didn’t go well, it had to be done and we got on with it. We spent the whole evening feeling like terrible parents and will certainly putting the next cut off as long as possible.

Poor Barbie !

Daisy’s antics with a pair of scissors and a Barbie doll brought much light relief to our week of hair. After the kids bedtime I heard little feet running across our bedroom which is directly above the living room. I shouted up to Daisy to see what she was doing, she said she had been the toilet. I thought nothing more of it and told her to get back in to bed.

What a shock I had when later that night I found a pile of blonde hair on my bed. With Sherlock type skills I deduced that some poor dolly had been the victim of a 5 year old wannabe hairdresser. The trail of blonde wisps led me to the poor plastic victim.

Chris and I giggled, we were more relieved that she hadn’t cut her own hair. I didn’t get cross because I remember doing exactly the same when I was a little girl. When I asked her what happened the next morning she told me Barbie wanted a new hair-do. Needless to say my nail scissors are well out of Daisy’s reach in case she get’s any styling urges in the future.

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  1. January 20th 2017 / 10:03 AM

    What a hairy week you’ve had…poor Barbie, It happens, I bet there isn’t a little girl in all of time that hasn’t given a dolly a haircut, including myself. I gave myself a hair cut too, I chopped off my fringe in the loo! Same for my eldest daughter, she had to have her hair chopped off really short after a a disastrous afternoon with a pair of scissors. As for my little man, he’s an angel at the hairdressers, it’s at home he is a nightmare! Anyway, lets hope your hairy adventures are over for a while now. x

  2. January 20th 2017 / 11:28 AM

    What a week! I’m off to the hairdressers tomorrow, too, and am looking forward to it. Hope you can get used to Chris’ new do soon and I’m sure one day Jake will come round…one day! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  3. January 20th 2017 / 7:39 PM

    Ohh! It has all been about hair for you this week….
    My youngest girl hates the hairdressers too….I just tend to trim it at home myself.
    Eek! I am so glad it was just Barbie which has a new hair do and not your daughter….

  4. January 21st 2017 / 12:07 PM

    Oh I was in stitches when I read about Daisy’s barbie!! Our daughter can’t away with that as our bathroom’s downstairs…! Here’s to a less hairy week next week! #wotw

  5. January 21st 2017 / 6:12 PM

    ha ha what a hairy week, I am a hairdresser and have had to correct many little girls creations, I once ad to try to correct my friends daughters hair as my friend cried the whole time bless her. But when I was in the salon i hated cutting toddlers hair it is so stressful when they re crying and kicking, I once had one little boy screaming dad get her ! ha ha. And this was before I had kids and wasn’t a big fan of them. Oh how my life has changed. Hope you enjoy your appointment next week. I love going to the hairdressers now I don’t work in one x

  6. January 22nd 2017 / 7:43 PM

    What a funny hair week. I’m actually debating growing my hair at the moment. I have had it short for about four years now and I want a change. I feel your pain about cutting your sons hair. My son has huge sensory issues and we have more or less hold him down to get the clippers near him. It isn’t the best experience in the world. I hate having to cut his hair like this #WotW

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