Podcasts, Pounds, & Minimalism #LittleLoves

I can’t believe it’s already time to share another #LittleLoves post with you. Where on earth has the last week gone ? I had so much fun joining in last week and found lots of new blogs to read. As well as ideas of things to watch and read. Here’s are my little loves for this week.


I’m still making my way through ‘The Magic’ at the moment. The only other thing I’ve read this week are blogs. I loved reading blogs way before I started my blog. Some of my favourites this week have been what the Redhead said, Mandy Charlton & Little Pickle’s Mom .


I first saw a trailer for Taboo starring Tom Hardy in Summer last year. It finally premiered on BBC One last Saturday. Those who follow me on Twitter will know of my fondness for Mr Hardy. I’m more than happy to say it did not disappoint, gritty, dark and brooding. Just the way I like to see my favourite actor. For the first time in years there’s something worth watching on a Saturday night.


I’m a big fan of podcasts, I love listening to them at bedtime instead of reading sometimes. After watching The Minimalists documentary on Netflix I noticed they also had a podcast. I’m not a minimalist in the true sense of the word I like stuff too much. I do however really like the principles of simplicity behind it. If you have any suggestions of new podcasts for me to listen to then please let me know.


I made some money from selling some unwanted items. I used Zeek to sell some vouchers that we couldn’t use, the money will be going straight in to our holiday spends pot. I’ve also got a pile of DVD’s, books and other items destined for one of the online buying websites.


This week has been so windy and cold. I’ve not left the house without wearing some lip balm. My favourite at the moment is the Nivea Hydro Care Lip Protection with Pure Water & Aloe Vera. I don’t like lip balms that leave my lips greasy and this one doesn’t it just leaves them soft and protected. The flavour is subtle which I really like.

And lastly

I’ve been solo for a few days this week, Chris has been away on a training course. I’ve been feeling a bit sad about him being away so I’ve cheered myself up by binge watching Gilmore Girls. I don’t know what it is about that show but it just makes me feel so happy when I watch it.

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17 thoughts on “Podcasts, Pounds, & Minimalism #LittleLoves

  1. Oh I have been trying to desperately catch up on the Gilmore Girls myself. Still on season one. OOp so far behind EVERYONE I think. But it’s good to have to watch when I am home alone and the MR is away too. I am like you I couldn’t believe it was time to do another #littleloves when I feel like I just wrote last weeks. I have had a busy week in between though. Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead. #littleloves

  2. I’ve never watched Gilmore Girls, but it seems everyone is watching it! I love podcasts too although don’t listen to them enough – need more tie in the day! Enjoy your weekend xx

  3. Love the Gilmore Girls, it’s definitely a show to watch when you need cheering up, everyone is always so happy and I definitely want to move to Stars Hollow! Gotta love Tom Hardy, he is rather delicious! I didn’t even know who he was until last year, I’m making up for it now though. Have a great weekend! x

  4. I’m definitely going to catch up on Taboo with Tom Hardy it’s worth a watch just for him in it. The podcasts sound a great idea for bed time a good way to wind down. I find I end up reading blogs scrolling social media for way too long. I’m loving linkying up each week #littleloves is my favourite linky

  5. Fab to see you over at Little Loves Angela. I swear by that lip balm too and have been using it for years. My lips really suffer in the cold too. We started watching Gilmore Girls at the beginning of December, and I agree that it just makes you smile. Would you believe that my hubby also watches it too (he is SO a fan too lol). Have a lovely week x

  6. Oooo, have been resisting watching the Gilmore Girls on Netflix, simply because I know once I start I won’t stop! When new baby arrives in early March I think I shall allow myself to start… will need something to get me through the night feeds! #tuesdaytreasures

  7. Another Tom Hardy fan here! My poor husband rolls his eyes every time I mention him, haha! Taboo is fantastic isn’t it? So refreshing to watch drama on a Saturday night instead of a talent show/reality tv.
    I keep meaning to watch the Minimalist documentary on Netflix. The mister is away on business this week so I think I’ll watch it tonight when the girls are in bed.

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