Watching The Classics- A New Year A New You Campaign

I love watching films, there’s nothing better than sitting down in the evening and losing yourself in a plot line. Since the introduction of subscription services I’ve found myself bingeing on whole TV series of shows instead of films. This new year I want to shake things up a bit and watch some of the great classics to get me back in to the habit of film watching.

I want to watch things that I wouldn’t usually reach for, films that I’ve heard great things about. I’ve chosen some films that I think Chris and I will really enjoy watching together. We are a bit nerdy and like to talk about the film afterwards and look up the actors.

Here are the classics I’ve chosen.

Dial M For Murder 

As a Hitchcock fan I can’t believe I’ve never seen this film. Grace Kelly stars as a society woman who’s husband plans to murder her. Of course there’s lots of chilling twists and enough suspense to keep you right on the edge of your seat. I do love a good thriller.

The Towering Inferno

I have heard reference to this film so many times but never taken the time to find out more about it. The Towering Inferno is a 1970’s disaster movie that’s full of action. It stars the legends Paul Newman and Steve McQueen. I have a feeling Chris might enjoy this more than me but I will definitely give it a go.

The Curious case of Benjamin Button 

Although Brad Pitt isn’t one of my favourite actors this story sounds amazing. It’s a romantic fantasy drama about a man that ages in reverse. The film is loosely based on a 1922 short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I’m really looking forward to watching this one.

Gone With The Wind 

Despite catching snippets and knowing the characters names I have never ever watched this great classic. This 1939 American epic historical romance is set in the deep South during the American civil war. It stars Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh and won 8 Academy awards. The film is four hours long so we won’t be watching it all in one go. It will be interesting to see if this film lives up to the hype that surrounds it.

The Colour Purple

I have seen this film before in fact the novel that the film is based upon is one of my favourites. It’s been well over 10 years since I watched it last. Directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover and Oprah Winfrey this film couldn’t fail to become a classic. The film tells the story of Celie a Southern black woman and her life of servitude and abuse at the hand of her husband. It’s a tough watch but the ending is beautiful.

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5 thoughts on “Watching The Classics- A New Year A New You Campaign

  1. Ooh. I love this list. I’ve not seen any of them but then I’ve hardly seen any films. I’ll have to have to add these to my must see film list.

    Sally @ Life Loving

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