What To Look For In A Day Bag

A bag can be your best friend when it comes to carrying around everything you need for the day (and probably a load of other stuff that you don’t need, too). As well as that, of course, it can be one of the most fun accessories to shop for, because a beautiful designer bag can be a luxury item that you get to wear everywhere, every day! If you have decided it is time to invest in a new bag, you may feel a bit spoilt for choice, and so here are a few things to think about that may help you narrow down your options in the hunt for the perfect new bag.

What to Look for in a Day Bag


It can be easy to see the appeal in bold bags with bright colors and cool designs, but naturally, these won’t go with everything. If you are looking for a new bag to add to a big collection, and you are someone who switches bags to match your outfit, then you can feel free to browse the latest seasons interesting colors, textures, and prints to find a new bag to add to your rotation. 

However, if you are someone who tends to use the same bag every day until it gets worn out, and then migrates its contents over to a new one, then it is better to choose a more neutral color and avoid prints. Black, white, gray and brown are all good options, with black usually being where you’ll find the most choice. There are some stunning black Saint Laurent bags in the collection which you can find in stock at SSENSE. SSENSE is a great place to shop for your new bag, as it has all of the current lines by all of the top designer brands.


Size isn’t just a matter of practicality in a bag, it can also affect the way you look with it, believe it or not! Petite women should avoid oversized bags as they can make a smaller figure look overwhelmed, whereas if you are tall or curvy, then a large bag is a better choice as it will add balance. Naturally, you want a bag that will hold all your stuff, but after that consideration, you should think about its look.


Shoulder bags can be convenient, but using one all the time is terrible for your posture. If you plan to use the same bag every day, then it can be best to choose one where the shoulder strap isn’t the only way that you will carry it. A bag that has handles, as well as straps, is a great choice, as when your hands are free you can hold it, and switch it between sides so the weight isn’t always on one arm, but you still have the convenience of the shoulder strap if you’re carrying other things.

These are some points to consider when you are deciding which new bag to buy. Have fun shopping for your new favorite!

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